What happens when the rain comes all at once?

The Gutters! won’t hold the water.

It destroyed the Zinnias growing there and that big white mound is the 09 Vista Silverberry. This will be a true test for it. I already know that it is disease and pest resistant. I’m going to be really surprised if it survives this. I had tall sunflowers in that bunch and on the front of the bed and half of them are gone. We had a microburst of wind that took them right out.

The water filled up the whole bed.

This is the view out the back hitting my pots square on. Too much rain for any gutter system.

Lots of rain and wind at once is not good but even with all the damage it is welcome. I lost mostly sunflowers but the rain helped so many other plants and our new grass.

At least my yard is sloped and the water will run away from the house. I bet it’s going to be green tomorrow. We were really glad to see the rain since we have a new lawn and are in the middle of a drought.

Ok, since I had to fix some links that were broken on my site–today–Jan 18, 2009. Thought I’d update this post and put it on facebook with the end of 08 photo of this Silverberry. How could you not be a fan of a plant that survived such abuse?

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  1. Oh No! I’m screaming…say it isn’t soooooo! We’re all in need of rain but not so much at one time….how is everything? What a testimony if things survive that down pour and you have the pictures to prove it….Wow!*** I know Kathi–Proven Winners ought to be proud if they hold up. They looked better today.


  2. Wow, that is a downpour. You really captured the violence of that rain. Our gutters leak so much that even in the hardest rain, that never happens. It gushes over the side instead. ***I have never seen it rain that hard here. I thought we were going to need paddles. I went out and replanted some stuff today and maybe it will make it. Some of the roots were still attached in the ground. So far so good. Others weren’t so lucky.


  3. JamesA-S says:

    I am still very bewildered by comments being locked: I don’t think it is possible to lock them There is a little padlock next door to the comments box but that is just in case I want to edit an existing comment. Please try again when the fancy takes you…*** I’ll go right away but first day I tried to send you one–well, and next day too—the comment wouldn’t post. I’ll try again. maybe it’s me……I’ve had the worst luck lately. Did you know I changed blogs cause of an attempted break in to my house. The burglers ruined the wood on my new French doors. I went offline for awhile cause they thought it might be my blog that led them to my house. It wasn’t– we guess and just a bunch of bored teenagers.


  4. JamesA-S says:

    Heavens. That is proper rain and here am I moaning about a few showers! The battle with Kate is a huge and rather glorious piece of nonsense that helps to pass the moment. Apologies if you were offended by the video: it seems on the surface to be terribly anti-British but in the sort of post-ironic way that we rather admire!
    I never pretended the British were anything other than a little odd occasionally. ****Sorry, I haven’t been British since 1740. But there is that link in our family that is important to us. I thought my husband had dry humor but I believe you got him beat. I tried to back read those few post but I guess you needed to be there. I’m sure you wouldn’t survive our southern humor if we cut loose on you;) I do love honesty though and ya’ll got that going for ya. Your post do say they are all locked for comments. I haven’t been today yet.


  5. cindee says:

    Oh Lucky you!!!!!!! I keep praying for rain but so far nothing. Its going to be 110+ this week so its going to be nasty here. I am so glad you got rain there even though it was a flood. Hopefully everything is o.k.(-:**** I do so want rain for you too! I know you feel parched. I think everyone here is in a better mood with the downpour we got last night. There was some damage in the areas with the most wind. I’ll have to say though, there is more joy than sadness overiding the damage. We had been so long without rain that the landscape was brown. I can already see a difference today.


  6. Gail says:

    Hey there,

    That is some rainfall! We could use it, but not the gullywasher form it seems here!
    A nice gentle rain for 3 or 4 days would be welcome! Hope it greens up your grass and perks up your flowers.

    ****The sun isn’t out yet but I can tell things have really perked up with last night’s downpour. I love how the trees look when they get a drink. Your post on working with clay got so many good responses and I like learning how other people deal with it. Really enjoyed that post.


  7. Sylvia (England) says:

    We had the same (or similar) weather yesterday and Saturday, wind and rain. It is still windy, cloudy and showery today. Luckily my garden came off better than yours but it is very muddy. I don’t like hot weather but even I am getting tired of not seeing the sun very often this summer!

    Hope your garden dries out better for all the rain.

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)
    ******Hi Sylvia and good to see you! You had the same too? Oh my goodness it was great that we got it but bad that it was so much at one time. But today–everything is grinning ear to ear and fresh. We are suppose to get more rain this afternoon and I’m not complaining. I did lose quite a few plants but saved many more with the much needed moisture. I would have to get some sun therapy if I went as long as you without it. I’ve heard of England being like that at times—-but ya’ll got us beat with beautiful historic gardens so it must work for growing stuff.


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