Envy Zinnias

This year I grew Envy Zinnias from the Botanical Interest Seed Company . It looks like there was a successful germination rate and this variety is stunning. I’m going to plant them everywhere next year. They are a sturdy and long living  cut flower.

They have absolutely no pest or disease. I will order all the Zinnias in their selections area  from this company next year.

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  1. cindee says:

    Your zinnas are really pretty. My seeds did not survive this year. We had a grasshopper problem. You should see a couple plants I bought. There is nothing left of them. Maybe I will take a picture(-: ****** I can’t believe the Zinnias are doing that well either. I’m seeing a lot of Jap. Beetles so no telling what next week will hold. They are all over those flowers. Jap. Beetles are my no. 1 enemy. Sorry about your hoppers—-munch, munch, munch is all they do—errrrrrrr.


  2. Cinj says:

    Pretty. I enjoy looking at Zinnias but for some reaon I’ve never tried to grow them. Maybe that’s a good thing??? I’m not a chemical kind of person either.*** I’ll be using the same company again next year. Their flowers did everything they promised me. I’ll start more indoor this time instead of direct sew in the ground. The chipmunks got a lot of mine.


  3. That’s my sister Kelli’s favorite zinnia…she grows them every year. Yours are just as beautiful as hers, I never have good luck, they get powdery mildew….any secrets? ***I’ve never been able to grow them either because of powdery mildew. I don’t use chemicals except on my roses. So these Zinnias have never been sprayed. I think the trick is lots of airflow and watering when they can dry out. All my Zinnias get shaded from about 4 oclock on–which means our hotest sun here. So really–I don’t know!


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