Bees and Hyssop

Those bees are crazy about Hyssop. This is Color Spires Agastache from Proven Winners. I was out babysitting my grand=dog today and we were watching the bees attack the Hyssop. We could of been pure 100 proof yummy nectar and they wouldn’t of cared. Something about those Hyssops…..

All photos are actual size—trust me…sometimes…

Sometimes they flew to the Million Bells but it was soon back to the Agastache.

That is a Bee defying gravity.

My grand=dog had her nose all involved with this fellow but he didn’t care–he was drunk with joy over these Color Spires.

Every little bit, they would see what these annual blue Salvias tasted like. But then it was back to the food of choice….

The white Salvia didn’t get much action…too bland I suppose…..

Color Spires can support a whole bee colony… are two meeting for dinner.

There is a bee up there….do you see it?

No more bees….napping I suppose. Isn’t that what you do after a feast like that?

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  1. Cinj says:

    Ooh! Well, what better place is there to meet for dinner anyway? Lovely. The hummingbirds,bees, and butterflies have been busy with my flowers too. Somehow my camera is never with meat those moments though.


  2. Sherri says:

    I love to watch bees at work-for some reason it makes me relaxed. Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos!! ** HI Sherri and than thak you. I went to your site and loved it but I couldn’t sign in to comment. Sorry..I’ve tried a hundred different ways to do open ID and I still can’t get it right. If you had name and url, I could sign in. It’s probably something I’m doing wrong.


  3. Yes, napping after feasting my eyes on those beauties…are those all of your flowers? How on earth do you do it Anna? ******Yes, and thank you. I own every bloom on that Hyssop Branch. The bees want to take over but they can’t afford to keep the plants alive without me so they let me stick around.


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