Stories About the South and Kitchen Gardening

Stories About the South and Kitchen Gardening

The Flowergardengirl blog will be about kitchen gardening in 2013 I have decided. There will also be more stories about the South like this one from Thelma’s Out of Control Iris Garden not far from where I live…you can click on the photo to follow the link. But mostly I’m going to stay close to home this year and concentrate on kitchen gardening and do some killer canning and freezing. I’m going to fancy up my pantries with cute gingham and do some beautiful front and back porch decorating. I’ve had major health problems this year with many of you praying for me and thank you so much. I am on the mend. I was even told this year that I was going blind but through a miracle because of those prayers I am now healed. I was recently seen by a neuro opthamologist and he said my eyes have never been healthier to which my husband I nearly fainted. I can only tell you it was a miracle. I give God the glory. I am still weak from having a rare from of shingles that attacked the nerves of my face and was called Ramsay Hunt Syndrome….caused some real damage to those nerves….I am still healing and weak as I write this. I am still seeing a bit blurry and words are a bit mixed up but in time I will see just fine. It really is your prayers. So I have planned to be home more… my kitchen more…and definitely in my pantries more. My oldest son is getting married in May…so there will be a beautiful wedding too! I wish you all a Happy New Year!!!!! Thank you for being a Flowergardengirl fan. I am so glad you are. Let’s all get busy ordering seed! I will be posting lots of new stuff soon. I’m of course getting things ready for the porches. I’m already thinking spring. Hugs to all.


Monkey Ball’s Blooming Plant

Monkey Ball's Blooming Plant

This is a milkweed plant being enjoyed by a Monarch butterfly. The name of the plant is called a Monkey Balls plant or Fur Ball. You can use the search feature on my blog to read more. I go see the dr tomorrow about my eye sight. I took this photo two years ago I think. I would not be able to do this today. My blog has been about garden and nature photography. I pray that God works a miracle and gives my sight back( Update!!! He did…..See Update at end of Post!)  but if not..I will continue to write and putll from the many photos that are in my archives which could fill volumes of blogs. I may go blind they are telling me…but new computer technology will allow me to continue to post to my blog…so ya’ll pray and I will pray…and I have such strong faith….so please continue to read my blog cause I love that you do…..Merry Christmas everyone….have a nice day…..!!!! —-UPDATE!!! I was seen by a neuro othamologist after this post was written and my sight was declared perfect. It was at first thought that some difficulties had arisen from a rare form of shingles that I have called Ramsay Hunt Syndrome which is in the nerves of your face. This is a form of shingles that eats away at the Trijiminal nerve and can cause blindness but in my case was only causing swelling around the eye. Antivirals were able to solve the issue. Thank you for all the prayers.

Blazing leaves of autumn Image

A strong desire to look inside

Almost everywhere you look along the back trails of North Carolina, you’ll find an old barn like this. Gives me a strong desire to look inside. Such takes me on a journey to a good story and beyond. I’m in the middle of writing two good stories these days. One will take me the better part of a year to finish and the other is almost done. I’ve always been a story teller and there is a long list of them in my family. We don’t just tell them from made up imaginations—-we tell them from historical truths and juicy research.

For my novel Singing Behind the Trowel, today’s research took over to the theory of energy fields. The main character of my novel is a young woman named Hyacinth Wiles. Hyacinth was raised by Ida Hopper a real genuine Wildcrafter. Hyacinth was raised in a rich environment of mountain medicine and natural cures. Ida has many techniques in which to return balance to nature with one of them being the mysterious field of energy both in plant and people.

Singing Behind the Trowel involves teaching the reader of old folklore traditions and marrying them with the research done today to prove those methods. Hyacinth and Ida live in 2011 but they practice remedies and recipes tried and true from as far back as the 1600’s. Methods brought to this country and saved through the marrying and immigration of generations past. Ida herself is a descendant of Pocahontas. The book is chocked full of recipes and concoctions that cure gout and coughs from the same bottle.

There is real fear by some who believe witchcraft involved as part of the methods used by Hyacinth and Ida but when modern medicine and science prove their results……….fear is removed and acceptance opens a new field of treatments. New discoveries are born and Hyacinth bridges the gap of confusion surrounding the subject. She is the voice that will bring attention to their once quiet life.

While writing this novel, I’ve been lead down a path of remarkable revelation and discoveries. You know you are on to something when the Lord shows up and things fall in place. Knowing what I know about science, mountain life, folklore, wildcrafting, and the skittish approach by some—-I think the timing for this novel is perfect. Technology has revealed and measured some pretty amazing energy activity never before seen. Proof that some have more energy emitting abilities to make a change in things around them. Kinda like you knew a negative person put you on edge but didn’t really know why—–well science can now measure that response. You can actually see the response on a computer screen where the touch of one gifted with gardening talents can provoke cellular activity in the energy of the plant. You can see the glow of energy forces vibrating between the two. Just can’t be measured in someone not interested. There is now scientific evidence that talents and abilities are God given and very real.

I know a great deal about my ancestors and our nurturing character. I’ve known for a long time that I was meant to write down the stories for they are written in my heart. I will reveal in the ..notes about the author section— of this book about how it was written in my genetic code long before I was born. The facts will blow you away. A book you won’t be able to put down.

Follow my blog and you’ll continue to get a few updates every so often. And do be looking for my little book about Oliver to be coming out soon.