Monkey Balls that grow in autumn, spring, and summer

For those of you who were wondering, this is what ‘Monkey Balls’ look like in autumn, spring, and summer.

And then they put forth these pretty little seeds that go forth and multiply.

Before they go to seed–you can use them in arrangements like I did above.

They are food for the Monarch caterpillar.

and the adult butterflies love the blooms.

I like the blooms!

The bees like them.

Want to know more–its medicinal purposes–what it looks like as an adult plant–other such nonsense? see here–Asclepias ‘Fur Balls’ or ‘Monkey Plant’ . You can get the seeds from Thompson and Morgan Seeds

Growing Your Grub interview with Flowergardengirl

Last week Steve Howard at Growing Your Grub sat down with Flowergardengirl and she shared tips and tricks for successful gardening. She also talks about how her new site, Best Garden Blogs has gained so much success.

Tomorrow–is the premier issue of Toil the Soil! A garden magazine for the everyday gardener. Giving gardeners a voice so others will be inspired.

Feel the rhythm of the butterfly wings, Monarch on Fur Balls

While composing the music for this piece, I tried to give you the viewer and listener— a feel for just who these dainty little characters really are. They are Mexican of course. They migrate from Mexico to Canada and we here in NC are right in their path. Lucky for me I grew Monkey Balls this year and they just love it. You can search my sidebar for Fur Balls and you’ll get all kinds of good info.

Do you feel the butterfly wings beating? Do you feel the grace and Mexican flavor in this arrangement I put together for you? I took the photos in August or September and they laid eggs which hatched and the caterpillars munched nicely then flew beautifully on their way as Monarchs. I was very proud of the whole process.

Created on a MacBook Pro using IMovie, Garage Band, Iphoto, Itunes and then uploaded to Youtube

The Seed Pods Of Gymphocarpus Physocarpus

Asclepias Monkey Balls or Fur Balls Plant

This is a riot of activity. I’ve done many a post about this Monkey Balls or Fur Balls plant that continues to drive curious folks to my blog. Some have even emailed me for seeds. At first, I was sending them over to Thompson and Morgan where I had purchased them but after reading a bit about them I’m hesitant.

I have reported they are poisonous to humans and animals. And in the same report I’ve given links to the medicinal value. But more recently it’s been brought to my attention that they are not welcome in our plains region because the range animals will eat them. So I have chosen to gather the seed pods and discontinue their lineage. Farewell my friends. I enjoyed the journey.

And what have I been up to——–!!!!!! The fans of Flowergardengirl can****** Watch me Sunday night on a show called ‘The Plantanista’—at  Garden World Report It always airs West Coast Time on Sunday evening around 9ish  so I usually watch it on Monday. Ya’ll tune in November 1st with Shirley Bovshow the host.  I’m talking about a certain garden thing I have an obsession about. Shirley Bovshow from Eden Makers Blog is the host and she’s always been my buddy. She’s really making a go of this online TV and ironing out the technical details. Last week was an interesting show about the Gen Y’ers.

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