God, this is a cultivar

Souls in heaven but what about the soil?

God, I know I’ll meet good souls in heaven but what about the soil? Let’s talk about this and what it means to me your faithful garden servant here on earth.

Did you know we talk about worm castings here on earth? One of the ugliest most unappreciated creatures on the planet and we go ape over its excretions. I bet that humors you to no end—–well maybe you are infinite— so it still keeps you knee slapping.

And we appreciate cultivars—- and that all knowledge comes from above–cause then we don’t have to use as many pesticides–they are strong–since they are super plants and all. But when we get to heaven–could you have waiting for us, all those species we killed off while in our care? We won’t need the cultivars then….but don’t take them away yet–we still need them.

God you promised me a mansion but there was no mention of good soil–just good souls. I won’t have to amend the soil will I? I’m pretty tired of amending my soul and this soil. Both are exhausting. I want heaven to have perfect soil and I want to plant up all sorts of combinations. I want there to be endless combinations. Can I bee ( meant to be play on words ) the head garden keeper? Has anyone ask you that? Adam was assigned but he flubbed it.

Do you like my garden blog God? If so….could you multiply my efforts and send so many people here to applaud my efforts. Just because you created me to post all these photos and talk about plants endlessly and it seems fitting they would want to see what you’ve done with my life?..ok? and I want a fiat…and an old old old truck.

God? are you there? I see you in my garden. I see you in every intricate detail of the plants. I see you in the order of life. I see you up close and personal…but do you see my blog? If you do….let me know that there is good soil in heaven.

I love you God.

Lots of gazing balls 013

Today is January 1st and I’m a Garden Blog celebrating 10 years online

Hey, I’m the garden blog of Flowergardengirl. Today is my 10th birthday. Today is January 1st and I’m a garden blog celebrating 10 years online. I’ve been through a dozen or more changes. I’ve been hosted at 10 different sites with WordPress being my favorite. I’ve grown to include several urls and we have big plans for 2012. We have become a company with tax id and everything.

We have never been anything more than a garden blog or page in our earlier life. We aren’t a professional institution. We came up through the ages the hard way. We aren’t affiliated with anyone. Mostly we just change at the whim of our owner. Sometimes she blogs a lot and then she gets distracted and we go on the back burner for a few days or weeks. We don’t always stay on topic and we love North Carolina. There will be more stories about North Carolina in the 2012 garden blog subjects.

The Flowergardengirl garden blog is going to get a huge dose of creativity during 2012. Read on:

1. It will host another blog for Best Garden Blogs. It’s called, a Garden Around the Corner.  Best Garden Blogs is under construction but you can follow the link for a sneak peek. Best Garden Blogs has been around for over a year now and was moved around in an effort to find the best and safest place to host it. The first year it was open—it was hacked and all the files were duplicated causing a nightmare for Anna. There is currently a backlog of blogs wanting to get in and will be included on the new website. So if you have requested to be included—be patient–it will happen. For now–go to our Facebook page and join! Garden Bloggers and Friends

Garden Bloggers and Friends will have a magazine which is part of the ongoing Best Garden Blogs magazine which has 3 issues already published. It too has seen growth and currently has over 1,000,000 views. The first issues are as follows: Toil the Soil, Toil the Soil With Chickens and More, and Toil the Soil March Issue of Kitchen Garden.

There is a spring 2012 issue planned and will focus on garden sheds. If you would like your shed considered then please use the contact form at the top of this website and send flowergardengirl a link to your blog. If you don’t have a blog then send her a photo of your shed and a brief description.

2. Flea Market Gardening is hosted here at the Flowergardengirl blog. Some of you notice when you arrive that the url changes to that address. Right now there are a few posts in the categories which cover the 2011 topics but there is so much more planned for this subject. Starting with—a mini magazine on Mason Jar bouquets. Watch for this to be released the end of January 2012.

If you would like to share your Mason Jar bouquet then email me a photo with your info to annalooper at gmail dot com. No entries after January 15th, 2012.

Subscribe to my site for future topics for these mini-magazines. See our first magazine here! Flea Market Gardening

3. Flowergardengirl will be posting daily again to this blog.

Flowergardengirl is a writer but she is not an English major. Her expertise is in computers, design, gardening, and flea market gardening. Should you find a grammatical mistake or misspelling….move along….and forgive. She wishes to blog and do her best in these areas of weakness but it’s just not her strength. Some folks choose not to write because they are afraid of mistakes. Anna chooses to write and not be handicapped by it.

Anna has a technical degree in electronics and produces her blog, magazines, and books on a MacBook Pro using numerous programs.

What jobs has Anna accomplished in her life:

Wife of 33 years, mother of two grown boys, mechanic on the flight line, cheerleader in high school, biology teacher for 10 years, waitress, owned a Service Master franchise, taught adult education classes to Air Force wives, career Air Force wife, pitcher for the women’s Air Force softball team, self published 4 magazines, built websites and community pages, managed a garden center, made moonshine, driven a race car, worked on a race car, water ski champion, driven cross country, designed a house, designed several gardens, designed container arrangements, won yard of the month in 3 states, podcast producer, produced commercial for local television, and the list goes on…. ;)

Some of her stories and photographs are published in known magazines, online publications, and professional materials. She is currently writing a historical novel about gardening and a children’s book about gardening for the deaf.

Looking forward to seeing you every day in 2012 and thank you for following my blog, my projects, my dreams, and my gardens. Hugs to you all—Anna

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‘Easy Does It’ 2010 All American Rose

I’m growing the 2010 All American Rose ‘Easy Does It’ and that is accurate. It is easy and does it all summer long. This is the third blooming and it has resisted pest and disease. It’s been so hot and humid.

 Notice the leaves of deep green and perfect glossiness. Notice how the rose ages and takes on this petticoat personality. I first wrote about this rose at my Flowergardengirl.wordpress site. You can find the article HERE.

I’m proud to be growing this rose and writing about it. I’m even more happy that it’s showing off these colors in my front beds because it is truly attractive in every stage of development.

 I think it’s a mango, peachy, rosy delight!

Castor Bean not for Jack

Jack the bean stalk climber would not be interested in Ricinus communis but I am. I’ve got a serious chipmunk and vole problem and they do not like the roots of the Castor Bean plant.

Castor Oil comes from the Castor Bean plant but so does ricin one of the strongest poisons on earth. In its natural habitat in tropical zones, it can reach 40 feet for some varieties. Not mine. I will only see about 8-10 feet. It’s not native to my zone 7 garden so no chance of it becoming invasive.

I’m afraid of it a little bit but so are the rodents. They can’t stand to tunnel near the roots. And it’s working cause I’ve not seen as many this season. This is a much less invasive way of dealing with my rodent issue than spraying some toxic mix. 

It is keeping this bed rodent free. But don’t go off and plant this so quickly. All parts of it are toxic and the seeds extremely so. 
Best not to plant it where kids play, animals frolic, or in public areas. I will handle it with gloves. Really only the bean when processed or ingested is where you get in trouble. 
Some processing produces Castor Oil which is a very useful ingredient but other byproducts are ricin which is lethal if swallowed. It causes the body cells not to be able to make proteins. This will cause your cells to burst and then life processes can not be carried forth. 
Crimes have been committed using ricin as Amy Stewart wrote about her book Wicked Plants. So I can’t say I wasn’t warned. Amy wrote about quite a few sinister plants including the weed that killed Lincoln’s mother. Don’t you want to know? It might be growing in your garden!