Stories About the South and Kitchen Gardening

Stories About the South and Kitchen Gardening

The Flowergardengirl blog will be about kitchen gardening in 2013 I have decided. There will also be more stories about the South like this one from Thelma’s Out of Control Iris Garden not far from where I live…you can click on the photo to follow the link. But mostly I’m going to stay close to home this year and concentrate on kitchen gardening and do some killer canning and freezing. I’m going to fancy up my pantries with cute gingham and do some beautiful front and back porch decorating. I’ve had major health problems this year with many of you praying for me and thank you so much. I am on the mend. I was even told this year that I was going blind but through a miracle because of those prayers I am now healed. I was recently seen by a neuro opthamologist and he said my eyes have never been healthier to which my husband I nearly fainted. I can only tell you it was a miracle. I give God the glory. I am still weak from having a rare from of shingles that attacked the nerves of my face and was called Ramsay Hunt Syndrome….caused some real damage to those nerves….I am still healing and weak as I write this. I am still seeing a bit blurry and words are a bit mixed up but in time I will see just fine. It really is your prayers. So I have planned to be home more… my kitchen more…and definitely in my pantries more. My oldest son is getting married in May…so there will be a beautiful wedding too! I wish you all a Happy New Year!!!!! Thank you for being a Flowergardengirl fan. I am so glad you are. Let’s all get busy ordering seed! I will be posting lots of new stuff soon. I’m of course getting things ready for the porches. I’m already thinking spring. Hugs to all.

Growing in front of the Prairie Conflowers

Muhly grass and Prairie coneflowers

In case you didn’t notice, I like flowers. I especially like flowers when they sing in harmony with what is growing around them. Here you see Muhly grass and Prairie coneflowers together.

Muhly grass and Prairie coneflower

Way back in the forgotten days, I used to be frustrated with my little Kodak Instamatic. I just knew there could be more detail and magical shots. I fell in love with photography when I was 16. There was a purple thistle growing in the meadow beside my house. I took a picture of it with that simple camera and then got the film developed at the local drugstore.

Muhly grass and coneflowers

The photo turned out pretty good but I was disappointed in the lack of detail. And today, I still have a Kodak but it’s more advanced and takes clear photos but you know… can always do better. If I could afford it…..I would go back to school and be a photographer because of moments when you find Muhly grass growing in front of coneflowers.

This set of pictures is part of a card series called…..Hidden Potential

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Consider Felicia Cape Town


Consider Felicia Cape Town for your containers. I’ve grown this is the ground and in containers. I love it.  For a real treat, see how Cherry used them in her garden.

feleciacapetown1 You can find them at your Proven Winners Nursery   photos and info from Proven Winners and permission to use them was granted

Cape Town Blue
Felicia hybrid
Blue Felicia Daisy

Another winner from our South African friends, this superb true-blue daisy is more compact and free-flowering than older varieties. Yellow centers and blue petals make this a spirited addition to containers or beds. Heat
tolerant and sun loving.

Plant Details
Plant in sun or partial shade



Hardy Temp
28°F (-2°C)

Use in beds, borders and containers

Heat tolerant and free-flowering with blue daisies all season

Awards Won
2006 – Top Performers
City of Cedar Rapids