2013 Announcement creating height for the container

Purple Sunset Fruit

2013 Announcement Creating Height for the Container Arrangement

‘Purple Sunset’ ornamental pomegranate

Here’s something exciting for one of Flowergardengirl’s picks as she chooses her 2013 container arrangements. Now hey, it looks pretty big below right? ….but you can buy it much smaller and cut the lower limbs for under planting. Deep burgundy fruit will appear all summer and beautiful birch yellow fall leaves appear in autumn. Orange flowers precede the fruit.

I’m going to plant this in a rather large container and give my front entry a rather Mediterranean feel. I planted ‘Firethorn’ pyracantha vines last season and I bet that is going to be a riot of good looking entertaining autumn appeal for 2013. I will underplant with something that really makes that deep purple fruit pop and just wondering what will bring out the orange flower…any suggestions? I might have some ;).

A special thank you to Kathleen Hennessy and Bailey Nursery for their kindness over the years in sending me plants. I did not receive this particular plant but will be writing about others received this season. In the coming weeks I’ll be showcasing some of their roses, wisteria, and other ornamentals. Very proud to do so as this company has shown me a great deal of professional etiquette over the years. I appreciate them very much. Visit their website @ www.firsteditionsplants.com

Ya’ll stay tuned for even a few 2014 introductions!

Purple Sunset Habit
First Editions Purple Sunset Pomegranate FINAL 2013

The Best Roots In a Jar, Ipomoea batatas Midnight Lace

Ipomoea batatas Midnight Lace by Proven Winners

The best roots in a jar come from the new Illusion Midnight Lace and Emerald Lace Ipomoea batatas. They make a pretty impressive mound of luscious deep burgundy or emerald foliage too. I grew them in the ground and planters and they are by far the best Ipomoeas out there. They will not take over and have grown to about 3 feet by 3 feet this summer.  They will be available in garden centers Spring 2010. They proved to be disease, heat, and drought resistant in my zone 7 garden.

********** Updated to say—–this Ipomoea will not be planted in the ground! Sure I could make a million more of them this way but patent means—-PATENT. You can not reproduce this for yourself or for anyone else. I’m using this Ipomoea for a display—period! Just like if you cut flowers for an arrangement. Just wanted to make sure I cleared that up.

Ipomoea batatas Midnight Lace by Proven Winners

By patent, you can not share these cultivars so I root them in a jar for my enjoyment only. They’ve got the prettiest roots I’ve ever seen. They rooted in one day! I’m not kidding. The vase root pictures are from one week’s growth. So not only are they pretty to grow outside but they make a lovely and interesting arrangement inside. It last forever in water.

Ipomoea batatas Midnight Lace by Proven Winners

The leaves are more dramatic than others in the family and have deep cut spaces between the lobes. It’s very graceful.

Flowergardengirl craftsman cottage garden

Organized Mess!

Ipomoea batatas Emerald Lace

Just behind the wicker chair you can see Emerald Lace from earlier in the season. It is the same size now( Mid August) as the Midnight Lace from above so you can see how much it grew in once season. I like that it doesn’t get out of hand.

Senorita Rosalita Cleome


I’ve grown this cleome since it came out and was introduced. It blooms all summer long in my Zone 7 garden and looks good in containers or the landscaping. It’s not as tall as other cleomes and doesn’t reseed. It will get to about 48″ tall. It will eventually bush out more than what I’m showing you as mine is still young. I just planted it two weeks ago. Pest and disease don’t bother it and no animals have chewed it up.


It’s looking a bit yellow at the moment but that is because it was starved for fertilizer when I bought it. It was worse but is looking much better. I fertilize all my heavy feeders once a week with 1/2 strength liquid fertilizer.

Below is a stock photo from Proven Winners Plants–but I can promise that if you plant them in mass they will perform exactly like this picture. One of the best plants in my garden.


You can click these images to make them larger. You can also search my blog for other information on many of the Proven Winners. Thanks for stopping by and next will be some of my containers.