Going back to school at 56…..yea!

Oliver, The Praying Mantis

I’m going back to school at age 56! I will share later on what school if I get accepted. The last transcript was mailed today to my college of choice.

I’m going to get a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in biology and anatomy. It’s the most needed area of teaching.

I’m also going to take some media study classes so I can bring the outdoors in to the classroom like never before. I like hands on teaching where everyday the student experiences something that excites their senses. I taught biology for several years at a Christian school. I loved it.

So cheer me on……here I go….vroom vroom vroom…..

Is global warming a scam?

Wilmington NC sunset

Is global warming a scam? Do you believe in global warming? John Coleman, meteorologist and co-founder of the Weather Channel stated this week that he doesn’t believe in global warming. Also Accuweather says there is very little claim on global warming.

So with these two big guns and many other scientist joining the nay sayers…then what say you? i don’t believe in it because I believe that cycles exist. They aren’t trends because they are cycles. Joe Bastardi of Weather Bell believes the same.

There is a mega money campaign built on global warming and it has fewer and fewer followers as the truth comes out. Our president is still on board with the concept of global warming but if a Republican congress is elected in November then he will have a hard time convincing them to back his ideas. Global warming seems to be a mostly Democrat issue.

I really think America is tired of hearing about this topic because most of our country has no evidence of such a problem. We still have older American’s who remember the weather as being in cycles. The Dust Bowl wasn’t global warming it was farmers who plowed up all the land incorrectly so that when a drought did come….the dust blew for many states. The cycle ended and now we have a grain belt. Farmers learned to plow their land for better land use.

Do you believe in global warming because it’s just cool way of being accepted.? It fits the hippie hug a tree mode. Someone who only reads the articles in favor of their opinion will keep their head in the sand.

The are thousands of scientist, conservative Christians, and normal people out there who are keenly aware of taking care of the earth. You don’t have to be a global warming guru to be a conservationist. Some people think it is one way or the other. No actually…there are conservative people who are actually earth lovers. I’m one of them.

I’d be happy to get rid of plastics and I’d like everyone to have a vegetable and herb garden. I don’t believe in global warming but I do believe in being a smart consumer.

Digital flower photography by AnnaLooper.com

Zinnia digital photography by annalooper.com

Zinnia digital photography by annalooper.com

I love photographing flowers , gardens, and the southern countryside. Digital flower photography by annalooper.com is my sidekick on most days like the zinnias above but I can get serious with my photography when an article calls for it.

You all need to be getting excited because I finally feel well enough to start writing my articles again. Let the happiness meter register pleasantly appealing. I have a farmstead lined up to photograph soon as the weather allows and the sun is not shinning too harsh.