Monkey Ball’s Blooming Plant

Monkey Ball's Blooming Plant

This is a milkweed plant being enjoyed by a Monarch butterfly. The name of the plant is called a Monkey Balls plant or Fur Ball. You can use the search feature on my blog to read more. I go see the dr tomorrow about my eye sight. I took this photo two years ago I think. I would not be able to do this today. My blog has been about garden and nature photography. I pray that God works a miracle and gives my sight back( Update!!! He did…..See Update at end of Post!)  but if not..I will continue to write and putll from the many photos that are in my archives which could fill volumes of blogs. I may go blind they are telling me…but new computer technology will allow me to continue to post to my blog…so ya’ll pray and I will pray…and I have such strong faith….so please continue to read my blog cause I love that you do…..Merry Christmas everyone….have a nice day…..!!!! —-UPDATE!!! I was seen by a neuro othamologist after this post was written and my sight was declared perfect. It was at first thought that some difficulties had arisen from a rare form of shingles that I have called Ramsay Hunt Syndrome which is in the nerves of your face. This is a form of shingles that eats away at the Trijiminal nerve and can cause blindness but in my case was only causing swelling around the eye. Antivirals were able to solve the issue. Thank you for all the prayers.

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Fog and Frost in the Garden


I love the fog photos that my friend posts from her blog in Niagara Falls…..

Originally posted on Garden Walk Garden Talk:

Fog and Frost as December Makes an Entrance

f9 1/125 ISO 200

Fog makes you think of cemeteries. Maybe it is that too many movies use it for suspense, atmosphere and drama. I find an ethereal beauty in fog that you don’t see in other weather conditions.

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End of Month – November 2012


One thing I enjoy doing is reposting the beauty of other nature blogs and I think this is definitely worth the share. Hoping you all have a wonderful day! Anna…..

Originally posted on Gwirrel's Garden:

I’m a little bit late today. Plenty of excuses this month tbh, mainly because of terrible weather last week and then dark days that mean it’s almost full dark when I get home, plus a busy Saturday = no chance to take photos until now.

There isn’t much to report back on, there’s less this month than last thanks to lots of rain and some rather chilly nights. I think the only thing left blooming are the Erysimum. I’ve become very detached from the garden after having spent almost no time in it for weeks.
It actually felt weird to be outside when I refilled the bird feeders earlier in the week. The cover that the shrubs and climbers give me is gone and I feel very exposed when I go to the top of the garden, and until the climbers are larger; this will happen every year.

I have…

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Poppy’s By Design in Blowing Rock NC is Christmas decked out in wonder

 Poppy’s By Design in Blowing Rock, NC is Christmas decked out in wonder for old and young alike. I take all my guest to see them.

 Every square inch is packed full of magical moments and ideas to be packed up and recreated in your home. 100_3088

Lots of red and white seem to be the theme this season but not without adding that blue grassy softness that breaks up the tones and adds just the right amount of softness.



Hey….look…..a giant snowman or several hiding in every corner. 100_3091

and did you see the visions of sugar plums…….100_3092

You must see their oil candles made here in the USA. or…..enhance a painting that you might already have…..or better yet…take this one home….100_3104

there is still pletny of autumn deals throughtout the store and many of us like to leave out our fall decorating in the lower south till about mid December…so Poppy’s has something for everyone.


They really do look beautiful in every season with exceptional floral arrangements made custom or bought right off the rack. visit Poppy’s By Design in Blowing Rock, NC or visit their Facebook page100_3093