Red door and sidewalk border create curb appeal

Red door and sidewalk flower border add charm Registered & Protected

When framed correctly like the photo above, a red door can become a formal focal point. Add to that this flower hedge border on the sidewalk and you’ve got a winning entry combination. The two topiary planters are just icing on the cake don’t you think?

It just gets better with the black wrought iron window boxes, shutters, and stained glass accents around the red door. An American flag adds that cozy neighborhood feeling which is becoming lost these days. Sad that folks don’t realize how much our great flag can add to the landscaping. Would this be as charming without it?

Ferns, a touch of red, and the inner courtyard with the meandering walkway are most certainly setting off the ornate pattern in the fence.

Peering beyond the fence we see a hedge and subtle presence of the red impatiens.  All drawing your eye to the fountain beyond.

And of course on the other side, the walkway continues revealing a gate adorned with this pretty design.

Tread softly and quietly on the brick path. Doesn’t it make you want to open the gate and see what is waiting on the other side? I did.

A little bit of Cypress vine goes a long ways Registered & Protected

This only took a few seeds to create the whole affect. Meandering across and up the front porch support pillars just comes as second nature to this vine. Sweet dainty flowers and leaves makes you wonder how it could become such a massive thing of strength. Meet the Cypress Vine that only takes a little bit to go a long way!

Hummingbirds love it! It’s not cold hardy to our Zone 7 climate but it will reseed like crazy. It’s not invasive according to this link and will not harm native plants.

It adds tons of charm to the Basket Studio at Poplar Grove Plantation just north of Wilmington, NC don’t you think? I’ve never seen one get so big. Vines across a porch are very attractive for certain.

If you make the picture larger, you can see toward the far end of the building. They tell me those two vines seeded themselves. They outgrew a little arbor that was located at that spot–and the vine grew and grew till it knocked the arbor against the side of the building. Looks awesome to me.

Geraniums on a Wisteria covered front porch with porch swing

Wisteria Front Porch Victorian Style Registered & Protected

On my tour of Wilmington, NC today was this magnificent Victorian home with a wisteria covered front porch. The little bit of red in the geranium is a stroke of genius in my opinion.

And who would not love to sit on such a porch swing? You can not imagine the neighborhood view from this setting. All the homes on this street are equally as endearing and full of personality and charm.

Some of my work will be featured in spring special issue publications of Victorian homes. Watch in January for the announcement.

Amethyst Falls Wisteria


Amethyst Falls Wisteria is not the aggressive type that destroys trees and pergolas. It’s a first year flowering variety that grows up to 30 feet. It’s a somewhat fast grower. Wayside Gardens has it on their best seller list.


It’s providing shade for the shade perennials.


Its blooms last a very long time. I’ve seen it blooming for over a month.


Give it something strong to grow on.


Isn’t it beautiful. I did another POST on the world’s largest wisteria. Thanks to Les @ A Tidewater Gardener for helping my identify this variety.