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Red door and sidewalk flower border add charm


More beautiful front porches, entryways, and exterior home makeovers can be found by searching the drop down menu on my sidebar. Especially beautiful is the topic..Wilmington. You’ll see loads of old homes with lots of charm.

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When framed correctly like the photo above, a red door can become a formal focal point. Add to that this flower hedge border on the sidewalk and you’ve got a winning entry combination. The two topiary planters are just icing on the cake don’t you think?

It just gets better with the black wrought iron window boxes, shutters, and stained glass accents around the red door. An American flag adds that cozy neighborhood feeling which is becoming lost these days. Sad that folks don’t realize how much our great flag can add to the landscaping. Would this be as charming without it?

Ferns, a touch of red, and the inner courtyard with the meandering walkway are most certainly setting off the ornate pattern in the fence.

Peering beyond the fence we see a hedge and subtle presence of the red impatiens.  All drawing your eye to the fountain beyond.


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Flowergardengirl is recuperating and will be back soon

Pomegranite BugThank you for all the kind messages. I’m recuperating and will be back in late spring I hope. I am taking longer to recuperate than I had originally anticipated. My facebook page is temporarily down also until I can keep up better. I continue to improve every day. It is baby steps but it is improvement.



Please enjoy Jefferson’s Monticello

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Flower Walk at Monticello

Thomas Jefferson built a grand manor which he named Monticello which means hillock or little mountain in Italian. It was the mountain of his youth and he had inherited it from his father. There is a larger mountain, Montalto or high mountain,just beyond and above the estate.

Joseph's Coat and Heliotrope at Monticello

Jefferson had ornamental and useful plants. We’ll talk about his vegetable garden and orchards in another post. His flower beds lined the perimeter of his front lawn. He had visited English gardens in the late 1700′s and was inspired by their nonconforming appearance. He liked the winding paths and flowing nature which invited you to continue on exploring the blooms in season.

Flower Walk at Monticello

He used his flower beds as a botanical lab to try new varieties that would be useful in Virginia. He and his groundskeeper kept meticulous notes. The flower beds were almost solely attended to by his daughter and grand daughters. Jefferson…

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As I think of new trees to pot for my kitchen garden, a pomegranate tree comes to mind..such as this one from the Poplar Grove Plantation. They are not zoned to our region of NC but I can put it in a pot, keep it small, and store it in my cottage for the winter.

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The pomegranate tree pictured above is growing just north of Wilmington, NC at the Poplar Grove plantation. The ripening of the pomegranate is a mark of the season changing.

The greek goddess Demeter had a daughter Persephone who was kidnapped by Hades king of the underworld. Demeter was the goddess of growth and death of the earth’s vegetation. When Persephone was kidnapped, Demeter went in to great mourning and refused to nourish the earth. Man and beast were starving……

Zeus got tired and weary of the whole ordeal and rescued Persephone….but just before she was rescued…

Persephone was tricked in to eating the delicious pomegranate.

It was known in this Greek mythology setting that when one eats of anything while in the underground world…….they must remain there.

Hades agreeing that Persephone had suffered the same as her mother—would only have to stay in the underworld for 2/3 of the year…

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