Sorry you haven’t heard from me

IMG_1159Sorry you haven’t heard from me, my sickness has lasted longer than expected. These are my flowers this year and of course much less planted than in years past. It’s been 3 years since I last gardened on a larger scale. I really miss it. I am getting better but it’s baby steps.

Lots has happened this year. We might be moving. My husband lost his job and we don’t know if we will go ahead and retire or take another job which would require us moving. I love my home that I built in 2008 but sometimes God has other plans. My husband and I really have been through lots of ups and downs in life so we look to God for our strength. We don’t panic over these bumps in life. We wait on the Lord for guidance.

If I move, I won’t get another big garden like this. I’d like to garden on a smaller and more manageable scale. It’s really nice to think about planting some of my favorites and not worrying about weeding all day. If we stay here, these gardens will be reduced by adding more shrubbery.

If you know me, adding more shrubbery means getting some hardy hydrangeas. One that has done well for me is the Limelight. The one on the left front corner of my front porch is about to go wild with blooms. It really took off this year and went nuts. Once it blooms, I’ll show it to you.

Nice to be talking to you all again. Please know that I’ve missed you. Hugs to you all!

Yankee Candle Fundraiser for the playground at Vienna Baptist Church in Pfafftown, NC


Let’s help the little kids get a playground by purchasing Yankee Candles and products from the new awesome holiday catalog. Vienna Baptist Church in Pfafftown, NC is having a fundraiser to help build a playground on their property. Vienna reaches out to their community with events throughout the year that benefit the children who live in the neighboring areas. VBC supports a back to school bash and backpack project. VBC would like to have a playground that suits children preschool through elementary.


 I’d like to get these icicles to make my tree smell like cinnamon.



Sign in to Yankee Candle Fundraising and enter our information :

Seller ID: Anna82

Group Number: 990066258

Once logged in to our page, you can see the Fall and Holiday 2014 Catalog




catalog fundraiser


Thank you and I hope you will help the little kids of Vienna Baptist Church raise money for their playground. Perhaps you will also help us by sharing our fundraiser page and information.

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Red door and sidewalk flower border add charm


More beautiful front porches, entryways, and exterior home makeovers can be found by searching the drop down menu on my sidebar. Especially beautiful is the topic..Wilmington. You’ll see loads of old homes with lots of charm.

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When framed correctly like the photo above, a red door can become a formal focal point. Add to that this flower hedge border on the sidewalk and you’ve got a winning entry combination. The two topiary planters are just icing on the cake don’t you think?

It just gets better with the black wrought iron window boxes, shutters, and stained glass accents around the red door. An American flag adds that cozy neighborhood feeling which is becoming lost these days. Sad that folks don’t realize how much our great flag can add to the landscaping. Would this be as charming without it?

Ferns, a touch of red, and the inner courtyard with the meandering walkway are most certainly setting off the ornate pattern in the fence.

Peering beyond the fence we see a hedge and subtle presence of the red impatiens.  All drawing your eye to the fountain beyond.


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