Pinky Winky hydrangea

Pinky Winky Hydrangea is it Pinky in the South?

Pinky Winky hydrangea is it pinky in the South? This is its pinkiest year since I’ve owned it from a 5″ pot on 2008.

I like it well enough but I expected more vibrant color. Last year it had barely any pink at all.

My experience is that some of these hydrangea cultivars don’t show as much color in the warmer climates. Is that your experience too?

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Incrediball hydrangea with red coleus

Cottage Style Decorating with bold hydrangeas

Cottage style decorating with bold hydrangeas can be seen here at the home of Flowergardengirl in North Carolina zone 7. I’ve been working with hydrangea cultivars for the past 10 years and have learned what they will do fantastically and where they have weaknesses. They will bloom prolifically if fertilized at the right time. What you fertilize them with turns out to be a key factor. Continue reading

Multicolored re-blooming lace cap hydrangea!

This hydrangea shows off all summer long and during its bloom cycle you can see multiple colors.

This hydrangea, Let’s Dance, gets between 6 to 8 feet tall and wide. It likes moist but not wet soil and morning sun. Mine is currently 5 feet tall and has blooms all summer long. It blooms on old and new wood.

I’m not really fond of lace caps but this one is an exception. I’ve moved it three times to finally find this spot where it is thriving. In our hot and even more hot—like today it’s a heat index of 111—this is protected from afternoon sun. It would die in a day if out exposed.

This is a good dried hydrangea too—I use it to decorate with in the winter. It will turn brown and beige–but it’s pretty. You could spray paint it when dried.

How to make a birdhouse and decorate with seed catalogs

Botanical Interests Seeds has the most beautiful catalog. Not only do I grow their seeds, I recycle their catalogs. Sitting on my repurposed twin headboard bench, sits the aqua birdhouse embellished with little hearts.

Up there on Flowergardengirl’s porch and just to the left of the front door, sits a little birdhouse made by Anna. With the help of her son, Chris, they hammered, sawed, painted, glued and laughed like crazy to create this cute little chick house.

Sitting on a plant bench made by my husband— is the cutest little tin roofed bird house made from the leftover wood of her little shed, Copper Top Cottage. The twin headboard is one from our early married years. I’m glad I saved it.

The hearts are cutouts from the Botanical Interests Seed catalogs and the scrolls and such are wallpaper stencils leftover from another home project. I applied the hearts with Modge Podge. The stencils are rub-ons.

Painted hearts and such are glass paint.

The aqua paint was leftover from my Copper Top Cottage project. The whole birdhouse was varnished when done.

The Botanical Interests seed catalog offers the perfect sized art for these smaller projects. They are so colorful.

Don’t forget to add a door for clean out.

To add a really worn look, I slightly sanded the hearts after they were applied with Modge Podge.

That’s a two inch opening cause this is for display. I suppose a bluebird would like the home but the opening is too big for smaller birds. Check online for the right size opening if this is specific for certain species.

Some of the flowers at my front door this year are a gift from Ball Horticulture. They are doing very well. The marigold is called ‘Bonanza Deep Orange’. Just to the left is Petunia Shock Wave ‘Coral Crush’. I love that ‘Coral Crush’ immensely. The petunia down and to the left is one I purchased but also a Wave–’Neon Rose’.

I’m pretty sure the coreopsis is: ‘Redshift’ from this article I did some time ago. It will turn a more burgundy as shown in the article. This is a good photo to show you how the ‘Neon Rose’ and ‘Coral Crush’ differ in color. Hopefully you can see the coral color coming through.

The hydrangeas on the left of my porch are just about to bust wide open. Thanks for visiting NC today. It was nice having you at my home. I’m in zone 7a.

Below, are my back gardens last year when I grew ‘Summer Solstice’ by Botanical Interests–love their catalog and their seeds.