2013 Announcement creating height for the container

Purple Sunset Fruit

2013 Announcement Creating Height for the Container Arrangement

‘Purple Sunset’ ornamental pomegranate

Here’s something exciting for one of Flowergardengirl’s picks as she chooses her 2013 container arrangements. Now hey, it looks pretty big below right? ….but you can buy it much smaller and cut the lower limbs for under planting. Deep burgundy fruit will appear all summer and beautiful birch yellow fall leaves appear in autumn. Orange flowers precede the fruit.

I’m going to plant this in a rather large container and give my front entry a rather Mediterranean feel. I planted ‘Firethorn’ pyracantha vines last season and I bet that is going to be a riot of good looking entertaining autumn appeal for 2013. I will underplant with something that really makes that deep purple fruit pop and just wondering what will bring out the orange flower…any suggestions? I might have some ;).

A special thank you to Kathleen Hennessy and Bailey Nursery for their kindness over the years in sending me plants. I did not receive this particular plant but will be writing about others received this season. In the coming weeks I’ll be showcasing some of their roses, wisteria, and other ornamentals. Very proud to do so as this company has shown me a great deal of professional etiquette over the years. I appreciate them very much. Visit their website @ www.firsteditionsplants.com

Ya’ll stay tuned for even a few 2014 introductions!

Purple Sunset Habit
First Editions Purple Sunset Pomegranate FINAL 2013

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Pinky Winky hydrangea

Pinky Winky Hydrangea is it Pinky in the South?

Pinky Winky hydrangea is it pinky in the South? This is its pinkiest year since I’ve owned it from a 5″ pot on 2008.

I like it well enough but I expected more vibrant color. Last year it had barely any pink at all.

My experience is that some of these hydrangea cultivars don’t show as much color in the warmer climates. Is that your experience too?

Incrediball hydrangea with red coleus

Cottage Style Decorating with bold hydrangeas

Cottage style decorating with bold hydrangeas can be seen here at the home of Flowergardengirl in North Carolina zone 7. I’ve been working with hydrangea cultivars for the past 10 years and have learned what they will do fantastically and where they have weaknesses. They will bloom prolifically if fertilized at the right time. What you fertilize them with turns out to be a key factor. Continue reading

Multicolored re-blooming lace cap hydrangea!

This hydrangea shows off all summer long and during its bloom cycle you can see multiple colors.

This hydrangea, Let’s Dance, gets between 6 to 8 feet tall and wide. It likes moist but not wet soil and morning sun. Mine is currently 5 feet tall and has blooms all summer long. It blooms on old and new wood.

I’m not really fond of lace caps but this one is an exception. I’ve moved it three times to finally find this spot where it is thriving. In our hot and even more hot—like today it’s a heat index of 111—this is protected from afternoon sun. It would die in a day if out exposed.

This is a good dried hydrangea too—I use it to decorate with in the winter. It will turn brown and beige–but it’s pretty. You could spray paint it when dried.