A Valentine bird house made from the Botanical Interests Seed Catalog

A Valentine bird house made from the Botanical Interests Seed Catalog illustrations is fitting for a gift to someone special for the day of love. I save my catalogs and cut out shapes from the flowers. The scrollwork is wallpaper rub ons. I rub on the wallpaper but  decoupage the illustrations to the surface of watering cans, birdhouses, and other useful items. I add another layer of decoupage or varnish. I wouldn’t set it out in the weather but this one has been sitting protected on my front porch for several years now. it has held up well. You can see the entire article HERE. Botanical Interests Seeds has the prettiest catalogs out there.  You can find rub ons HERE at Amazon. Look at all the garden designs featured. I’d like to make one from the black and white selections. Paint the can first if you like then add the rub ons.  So make someone a watering can or birdhouse today!

Here is a watering can I made from stencils leftover from a home project I did years ago. This is cute to give to a garden friend or just to cheer someone up. You could just as easily add a card that said get well soon. For Valentine’s Day you could add hearts and love notes. The can was already yellow. I think adding the seed packet is cute. Look at these rose and vine rub ons!


Monarch Butterflies love this milkweed

Monarch butterflies love this milkweed so you should plant it. So unusual and kids will love it just be careful because it is poisonous. This is the Ascelpias Furr Balls or Monkey Balls plant which is a milkweed and Monarch butterflies can’t get enough. I got the seeds from The Kew through Thompson and Morgan. It reseeds heavily but was such a fun plant in the garden and in arrangements. Gymphocarpus Physocarpus is the botanical name. Can also be called Swan Plant or Balloon Plant

See also, Monarch Caterpillars in Fur Balls, Feel the Rhythm of the Monarch wings, Ascelpias Monkey Balls —other articles I’ve written on this plant.

Pioneer Woman Blue Floral Mixer – Now Available!

Pioneer Woman MixerPioneer Woman Blue Floral Mixer – Now Available!.

I would love to own this mixer and book. Now that I’m feeling better..I’m starting to cook more. I’m getting back in to things and will be writing more. It’s nice to get my life back. This mixer would go perfectly in my kitchen. I’d had a very rough two years with this rare form of shingles. I miss feeding my family. This would sure make me happy.


Poppy’s By Design in Blowing Rock NC is Christmas decked out in wonder

 Poppy’s By Design in Blowing Rock, NC is Christmas decked out in wonder for old and young alike. I take all my guest to see them.

 Every square inch is packed full of magical moments and ideas to be packed up and recreated in your home. 100_3088

Lots of red and white seem to be the theme this season but not without adding that blue grassy softness that breaks up the tones and adds just the right amount of softness.



Hey….look…..a giant snowman or several hiding in every corner. 100_3091

and did you see the visions of sugar plums…….100_3092

You must see their oil candles made here in the USA. or…..enhance a painting that you might already have…..or better yet…take this one home….100_3104

there is still pletny of autumn deals throughtout the store and many of us like to leave out our fall decorating in the lower south till about mid December…so Poppy’s has something for everyone.


They really do look beautiful in every season with exceptional floral arrangements made custom or bought right off the rack. visit Poppy’s By Design in Blowing Rock, NC or visit their Facebook page100_3093