Seasons of change, the shingles shot, the horror of facial shingles

anna-for-avatars2-004Seasons of change, the shingles shot, the horror of facial shingles……….seasons happen in the garden and to the self. What happened to me is a horrendous story. Don’t let it happen to you.

This was me long time ago when I first started writing. It was in the late 1990’s and it was just an article here and there. I have gardened all over the United States due to my husband being in the Air Force. He retired from the AF in 1994.  I have lost count of the times we’ve moved and the planting zones in my life. I think this year will be my 30th move.

Yes we are moving again in the next two weeks. Thankfully and Praise the Lord….we sold our current home in about 2 1/2 weeks on the market. The closing is around the first of March. I will miss it but it is time to move on. I will garden on a small scale for now.

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Along the garden path

Along the garden path, we see all the different ways to stroll in peace and thought. Garden paths are healing to the soul. There are quiet distractions. Some paths lead to a front door, others in to the garden, and then some are meandering across the countryside. Here are lots of examples of garden paths so called because greenery and flowers adorn the edges.

Over the years, I’ve been captivated by how many ways a garden path is created. These are photos from my website over the last 10 years.

Laura Eubanks

Impressive Succulent Landscaping and Containers by Laura Eubanks

Laura Eubanks

Impressive succulent landscaping and container arrangements by Laura Eubanks will blow your socks off. Her color combinations, balance of material, and eye popping designs will have you drooling at the mouth for one of her creations. Laura loves animals too and is a foster fur mom in her county until the babies find forever homes. Pictured above is Laura’s cat decked out in a succulent collar.

Laura Eubanks

Laura lives in Southern California where she works her magic for homeowners and businesses. Her website, Design for Serenity, is the home of her masterpieces and where you can contact Laura to purchase some of the arrangements or hire her for a water wise garden of your dreams. She is very talented when it comes to succulents!

Laura is active in the UCCE Master Gardener and Master Composter. I’m sure that I’ve never met a master composter but I admire that very much.

Laura Eubanks

Laura’s website, Design for Serenity

Laura on Facebook, Laura Eubanks

Laura’s Youtube channel, Laura Eubanks on Youtube