Sewing Machine Gardening

Pomegranate Quilt by

Sewing machine gardening is what you do when digging in the dirt is not an option. While recuperating from my recent two year battle with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, I’m focusing on home projects that don’t take as much energy. Today I laid out the material for this quilt. I will keep you posted on the progress. It will go in my family room.

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Red door and sidewalk flower border add charm


More beautiful front porches, entryways, and exterior home makeovers can be found by searching the drop down menu on my sidebar. Especially beautiful is the topic..Wilmington. You’ll see loads of old homes with lots of charm.

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When framed correctly like the photo above, a red door can become a formal focal point. Add to that this flower hedge border on the sidewalk and you’ve got a winning entry combination. The two topiary planters are just icing on the cake don’t you think?

It just gets better with the black wrought iron window boxes, shutters, and stained glass accents around the red door. An American flag adds that cozy neighborhood feeling which is becoming lost these days. Sad that folks don’t realize how much our great flag can add to the landscaping. Would this be as charming without it?

Ferns, a touch of red, and the inner courtyard with the meandering walkway are most certainly setting off the ornate pattern in the fence.

Peering beyond the fence we see a hedge and subtle presence of the red impatiens.  All drawing your eye to the fountain beyond.


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Start here with this smile

flowergardengirlStart here with this smile and rejoice with me the battle I won. I have spent the last two years fighting a rare form of shingles known as Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. At one time, I was in excruciating pain and unbearable fatigue. RH eats the protective sheath around the trigeminal nerve. The nerves of your face, ear, jaw. It paralyzed my face on the right side. Now I can smile but for many months I could not. For many months I was in so much pain that it took lots of brain numbing medicines just to keep me sane. The nerve sheaths are regenerating now and most of the pain meds have been discontinued. It has been months of bed rest and agonizing baby steps but I am more ok than not. I still struggle with getting my strength back and it is minimal gardening this year. I am sewing these days…cooking…and writing garden stories. I have much to say and much to write about. Stay tuned!

growing ivy in my hutch

I’m growing ivy in my china cabinet.

cardinal in icy tree snow scene

and of course, I’m still enjoying photography. So stay tuned….My smile has returned.


Pioneer Woman Blue Floral Mixer – Now Available!

Pioneer Woman MixerPioneer Woman Blue Floral Mixer – Now Available!.

I would love to own this mixer and book. Now that I’m feeling better..I’m starting to cook more. I’m getting back in to things and will be writing more. It’s nice to get my life back. This mixer would go perfectly in my kitchen. I’d had a very rough two years with this rare form of shingles. I miss feeding my family. This would sure make me happy.