Monkey Ball’s Blooming Plant

Monkey Ball's Blooming Plant

This is a milkweed plant being enjoyed by a Monarch butterfly. The name of the plant is called a Monkey Balls plant or Fur Ball. You can use the search feature on my blog to read more. I go see the dr tomorrow about my eye sight. I took this photo two years ago I think. I would not be able to do this today. My blog has been about garden and nature photography. I pray that God works a miracle and gives my sight back( Update!!! He did…..See Update at end of Post!)  but if not..I will continue to write and putll from the many photos that are in my archives which could fill volumes of blogs. I may go blind they are telling me…but new computer technology will allow me to continue to post to my blog…so ya’ll pray and I will pray…and I have such strong faith….so please continue to read my blog cause I love that you do…..Merry Christmas everyone….have a nice day…..!!!! —-UPDATE!!! I was seen by a neuro othamologist after this post was written and my sight was declared perfect. It was at first thought that some difficulties had arisen from a rare form of shingles that I have called Ramsay Hunt Syndrome which is in the nerves of your face. This is a form of shingles that eats away at the Trijiminal nerve and can cause blindness but in my case was only causing swelling around the eye. Antivirals were able to solve the issue. Thank you for all the prayers.

9 comments on “Monkey Ball’s Blooming Plant

  1. Dear Anna, I just found your blog tonight while I was looking for gardening blog and ideas since my small novice garden has been put to bed for the winter. I had read several of your post when I got to Gardening with Ramsey hunt syndrome. My eyes are still watering. I’m so sorry that you, someone who appreciates everything that she can see is going thru this. I will pray and call upon the Lord for your complete recovery. Keep the faith, mircales do happen. You are smart to prepare for any situation. I think a Labordoodle is a great idea. Have you researched your area for service dogs or service dog training ? Very often these
    are nonprofit organization and they can be very sympathetic and helpful. I will continue to
    follow your blog and I will pray. Ephesians 6:10 Be strong in the Lord, and in the strenght of His might. May God bless you with strenght, perseverance, healing and love. Kim


    • Kim, there has been an answer to prayer and I just haven’t had time to update my blog because I’ve been so sick with secondary infections due to the steroids. I was misdiagnosed or there has been a miracle due to prayer. I am not losing my site. I just found out last week. Thank you so much! I went to see a neuro opthamologist and he says my eyes are fine. He says I have clear eyesight. It is quite remarkeable. I am praising the Lord! I will be updating my site and that is what I am doing right now.


      • Praise God.  I am thanking Him for this miracle and His goodness.  I’d still get the dog, they they are wonderful companions.  I’m sure spring will be even brighter this year in your garden.   Kim 


  2. I never heard of that plant, Anna. It is a beautiful image. I am saddened that you may go blind. That is terrible, just the worst news, and I hope you get good news at the doctors tomorrow. Maybe it will be news you want to hear. I will say a prayer for you.


  3. Thanks, Anna! I love Monarch’s as you know if you’ve been reading my blog. I don’t know of the Monkey Ball Milkweed, but, there are hundreds of varieties, and I think if I plant any more they will be CA natives. Encouraging them to hang around late in the season makes for some cold, wet chrysalises, and now I’m feeling a little guilty. I am thinking positive thoughts about your vision. Like Melissa said above, someone’s vision was helped by a certain eye center, so don’t settle with only one opinion. A neighbor walked by my garden the other day who’d been turned down by three back surgeons, but she found one great one that put her back back in place. Have a great day and a great appointment. – Kaye


  4. Sending prayers for you. The saying goes…”you’re closer to God in a garden”… Know the comfort of His love and also know that He is watching over you and will help you through this challenge.


  5. Beautiful picture…the monarch’s coloration is fantastic! I wish you well tomorrow. I know of a similiar case and fortunately, the docs at Univ. of Alabama, Birmingham, Eye Center were able to save his vision, even though there were changes. You have been in my prayers since I first learned of your diagnosis. Blessings, Melissa


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