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Sign reads, In need of seeing eye dog who can dig holes too.

flower vase arrangement for dining table hydrangeas

The sign reads, in need of seeing eye dog who can dig holes too and maybe even focus a camera. I am going to need a serious helper dog for the next stage of my life. I’m going to wish for a Labradoodle which is what I wanted all along. It just hasn’t been in the budget but I’m thinking I need to move that up to the top of the list and start training it/her/him asap.

Now don’t be alarmed because preparation is the author of success but I did not receive good news today from my eye dr. No sir…seems I’m going to be in need of a good dog who can be in the garden with me and guide me around too. Since coming down with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, the steroid treatment is not working on the damage to my eyes. I could be blind in my right eye anytime between now and a year from now with the other eye following suit in the next 5 years or sooner. So what does one do when they have a year to prepare for eye sight loss?

They start prioritizing of course. I’m a planner. I have done my share of crying and will do more. It’s a grieving process. I’m on loads of meds to fight it every step of the way and many prayers are going up in hopes this is put off as long as possible but realistically it is looking like months and not years.

I have a very strong faith that God allows things for His glory. It’s not for me to question or understand but it is for me to show how great God is in the process. I happen to think God likes Labradoodles so am aiming toward that goal. haha! God made me—He has humor.

I will teach the dog to help me garden and I have no clue right now how but I will sure write about how funny it’s going to be doing ever step of it. How fun that will be.

So having the dog out of the way….I want to make a bucket list of things I need to file in my photographic memory to call upon when my sight fails.

1. My husband…I’m going to stare at him for endless hours doing everything from eating to how he darts his eyes at me lovingly.

2. study every feature of my children and their precious ladies. They will be forever frozen in my mind around the age of 30ish as they all are in the prime of their lives with zeal to work hard and how precious they move though life. Their homes and my grand pets. I will study this is great detail and write down things you don’t usually notice so that they can read it back to me should I forget.

3. I will go through every photo especially of the baby pictures and file them away in the tender parts of my brain reserved for the baby powder smells and blankie moments.

4. I will start making my home predictable with things always in the same place…familiar. I will plan recipes that can be fixed easily by me and take the burden off Gary. I will have grovery lists done for whole months so that he doesn’t have to think about what is needed. I will be strong and able to contribute to our family just as I always have.

5. I will teach my two daughter in laws to can so we can continue to garden together. I will get my pantries in order.

6. I will teach the whole family that we will be ok and that we will get through this. I will get a computer that lets me continue to tell my story and tell you how I am getting along.

There are things I need to complete my journey this year before I lose my sight:
1. I need a labradoodle.
2. I need a fence around my house and I have a big yard.
3. I need a lot of good garden soil.
4. I need my back porch closed in with a/c and heat.
5. I need part of my back porch closed in for a greenhouse type area.
6. I need a new roof for Copper Top Cottage and a it needs a new front door and patio.

So there is much to be done. Only God knows if it will all be accomplished but I will concentrate on the most important ones. I hope that while my dog can still drive that Volkswagon will give me a little car to drive around while we can still see. Me and the doodle want to pick up plants to decorate the doodle yard.
Pomegranite Bug

15 comments on “Sign reads, In need of seeing eye dog who can dig holes too.

  1. Wow, Flowergardengirl, I just stumbled on your site this morning while looking for information on Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea. I don’t believe we just stumble onto things. God always guides us. So I think He wanted me to see your story. I too will be praying for you and following your story.

    My mother lives with us. She had a stroke 9 years ago in the communication center of her brain that took speech, reading and writing from her. Now her glaucoma and macular degeneration are slowly taking away her vision as well. Please contact the nearest Institute for the Deaf and Blind. Nice people there who can give you tips and put information in your hands about all the computer devices that are available to help you through. May God continue to richly bless your amazing sense of humor. And may He bless you for sharing your story!

  2. Dear friend Anna! Your tenacious spirit is such a motivation to me. I still keep you in my nightly prayers and will continue to do so! Love and hugs from Texas!

  3. Anna, I hope you get the dog and car of your dreams. I’m really sorry to hear this latest news, and marvel at your tenacious, uplifting spirit. I’m relieved you have a loving family to support you. I hope the end of your sight is nowhere in sight. Dame Judi Dench is losing her sight and can no longer read her scripts. Her daughter reads them to her. But, it seems, she will be acting till the cows come home. I hope you are able to fulfill your gardening desires in your own way through this process. – Kaye

    • Thank you Kaye. I was a care giver for my mom for more than 20 years and I think a lot of my can do attitude comes from skills learn in that environment. I saw where she could have done much more to make the quality of her life more beautiful for herself and those around her. She just didn’t know how. I don’t have that excuse. I don’t know Dame Judi Dench but would certainly love to follow along. I will go find her through your site. I love can do type people. Thank you including me in that bunch.

  4. My dear Anna,
    I am so sorry to hear of your news.
    Reading your story (and recently read Esther’s @ Fleur Cottage) reminds me of a favourite quote of my late father:
    “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”
    Hebrews 11:1
    My faith has been strengthend just by hearing how you are both handling your respective situations. May God Bless You and give you strength and I believe that
    God never gives more than you handle. You are blessed I know by the love and support of your family.
    Keep the faith! I will be praying for you.
    Big hugs.

    • Renata, so good to hear from you and those scriptures are sure salve to my soul. God does sustain us during hard times and there are times I just break down and cry in the midst of things. My love grows stronger through the tears for everyone. Suffering is a strange thing but it brings on tenderness and that is a good thing. I have no bitterness whatsoever cause I have opened my heart to what God is teaching me and it may not be for me at all. I am his servant to use as he sees fit. I see the the prize that is before me and it is not here on earth. I hope I fight the good fight. I hope I can keep saying that and I will keep praying for a miracle at the same time. I hope I accept each step that comes along and lean on God’s understanding and not mine own. Right now it’s so early on in the battle. Thanks for the hugs and right back at cha.

  5. You are a source of WONDER Anna! I admire you so much! I am pained to hear of the latest trial you are facing. But i know you are a survivor and give others courage and strength to carry on with their own lives by your beautiful example. Love you littleflowergardengirl.

    • HI sweet Becca and I’m going to need you….stay with me..keep commenting. Going to be a rough year and I need all my buddies rallied round. I will be strong and ya’ll will be my rock. Hugs and more hugs. Thank you!

  6. Anna, you don’t know me, but I’ve been reading your blog and marveling at your incredible photos for a long time, so I feel like I know you and you’ve become a friend! Your story has touched my heart in such a personal way and I too am a believer. I find myself in tears at your loss and my prayers are going up to a loving God for you and your family during this transition. I pray for your inner strength and that the enemy will never be able to rob you of your faith! Take care, and please keep writing … that’s selfish of me, but I love reading what you have to write about! I’ll pray that you don’t loose that sweet sense of humor you have too!
    God loves you and will never leave you!!!
    Carol =)

    • Carol….thank you for telling me this and please do continue to leave me comments cause I am going to need them more than ever. I am trying to be brave–trying to do what God intends for my life no matter the physical trials. I am trying to live for his Glory. To let others see God shine. I have a daughter in law how is studying photography so when it gets to the point that I can not take photos—she will do it for me. I already dream in technocolor flower gardens so gardening blind will just be another whole level of fun for me…I just can’t imagine how that’s going to work–but it will…and evidentally God wants to know too. So hang on….it’s only going to get bigger and better. I’m glad you are hanging around with me to laugh and love along with the fun.

  7. I’m so sorry that you are going through this! I have enjoyed reading this blog, enjoyed your creativity…which is shining like a star, now. You are smart to plan how to adapt your life to still enjoy the wonderful aspects of gardening. As life progresses change comes, but the enjoyment, memories, smells, and feels are still there. Wishing for the best for you, Anna.

    • Thank you Melissa and life will not get me down too badly as you know. I will make a journey of it and I will enjoy writing about it. They have such wonderful ways these days that you can still communicate even when you can’t see. I am hoping to fight this for a long time but I will certainly be prepared so that life will be comfortable when it happens. I want to envision it as a beautiful place.

  8. I have not visited properly for ages (an omission for which I am very sorry) and now I turn up in time for this news.
    How very sad – and how very courageous of you to be so upbeat about the whole ghastly thing.
    Look after yourself.

    • Oh dear sweet James…so encouraging to see you post to me. You might just be my favorite man in the whole world except for that man called my husband. But you do come in there close behind. and here you are wishing me well. Yes I’m on a tough road but I plan on making it a beautiful paved path with flowers and things of beauty along the way. Hugs to you…lots of hugs

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