Excellent step by step tutorial on those pesky camera settings…….along with photo samples to see how it really works. Great job Garden Walk Garden Talk blog!

Garden Walk Garden Talk

f5.6 1/1250 ISO 800 – 105mm macro – Mid-November Bee 2012

I guess the question is why use a high ISO?

Did I say it loud enough, lol?

Our last macro post two days ago dealt with aperture and shutter speed. It talked about how I blur the background of my critter shots.

So this leads us to the third choice in our arsenal of camera settings. Why change it at all when your camera selects the ISO automatically? There are a couple of good reasons for making a change.

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    • Your post is so good on the camera settings. Down to east kind of talk. I’m in the market for a new camera and really need the point and shoot out there. I don’t think I want an slr. So I am reading your posts with great interest. Thank you for wording it so well and showing the photo results. Very proud to share.


    • I’m so excited to learn the parts of my camera from someone not talking over my head. It’s nice to hear how she explains the details. Nice to see you here today. I always appreciate when you come cause I know your schedule is so busy.


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