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Going Blogwild!

Going Blogwild is fixing to happen here at this garden blog. You are going to like it if you like me and my writing. I left facebook today( ok I returned cause I missed it…and I was a bit in a mental break down at the time) cold turkey without any fanfare. I figured if you wanted to find me then you would.

I need to be creative every day and facebook won’t allow me to do that( yes it does). I’d rather come to this familiar place called Flowergardengirl–and get back to my adventurous colorful creative side. This week I’m interested in making flower bucket messages. I can arrange them nicely over here and offer them to you more easily. They’re free….you just download them and send to a friend. From get well wishes to goofy messages—I’ll create one to fit the need.

I might write one post a day or ten. I just feel like it’s time for me to go— Blogwild!

6 comments on “Going Blogwild!

  1. Oh Anna! I don’t want to lose sight of you sweet creative friend! Hugs and prayers for your ventures forth! You make my heart smile, lady! ~mdee


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