Nantucket Blue Hydrangea

Shocking blue hydrangea with Nantucket Blue

Meet the shocking blue hydrangea called Nantucket Blue. New petals look lemony yellow and then mature to this deep blue which is shockingly gorgeous.

It’s ok with me if you drool and gawk at these photos.

There are also shades of lavender on the same plant.

Loving the lemon lime new buds.

This hydrangea will bloom till frost cause it blooms on new wood.

I used Espoma Holly Tone in the spring and will apply again two more times before frost.

I live in zone 7 North Carolina and these grow in morning sun and afternoon shade.

And so cool it has some lavender blooms—which may be the case if your soil is higher in ph. This is not a type ph sensitive hydrangea but will show some variations. Add Espoma Soil Acidifier for blue hydrangeas to enhance the blue.

I’m going to cut a bouquet tomorrow. They have stolen my heart.

Hydrangea Bouquet from all of my hydrangeas can be viewed here. 

17 comments on “Shocking blue hydrangea with Nantucket Blue

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  2. Nantucket Blue is a pretty variety. I saw your post when I was away, but could not comment because internet was so sporadic. I grow many varieties of Hydrangea and some in my garden are without name since they are the florist varieties up here. I have one that has this same coloration. I am wondering if it is the one shown.


  3. My daughter just came down from NC- gave me one for Mother’s Day.. It’s called a ‘Mini Penny’, baby blue with lavender…I love them.. and extra surprise, there are two individual plants in the container!!!! But they only get 3-4ft wide and high.. perfect for small garden..


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    • Maria – your hydrangeas are betfuiual. They look soooo healthy. Amazing they are only 3 years old!!!! I have had terrible trouble with the summer sun and heat burning the flowers and foliage on my many bushes. Our Australian summer can be so harsh that even the shade is not protection enough from the intense heat wilting and burning the leaves. Have moved my bushes again this winter in the hope i have now found the perfect spot for them, but will have to wait for Summer again to see if I am right. They are worth the trouble though. I wouldn’t dream of having a garden without them. My absolute favourites. I look at yours, smothered in flowers, and think I shall have to remember to fertilise more regularly as well. Thank you so much. These gorgeous photos have brightened my day.Nahdi


  6. Thanks for writing about one of our great new plants, Anna! Your images are great! So glad you love Nantucket Blue(TM) as much as we do!

    Briana Johnson
    Marketing Communications
    Greenleaf Nursery & Garden Debut


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