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Hire The Best Social Media Manager in the World

Recently I considered being the best social media manager in the world. I was going to take some company to the top of the charts by helping them build their Facebook page, Twitter account, and any other social media avenues they cared to explore. And just how was I  going to increase their online sales and presence?

I was going to do something very old fashioned. I was going to interact with visitors. I was going to post engaging content and then follow up with fun conversation that made the audience feel connected.

If I was selling rope, I’d post the photo above on the Facebook page and talk about this photo. Wouldn’t you like to know who tied those knots, what they mean, what ship this is on, and stories about the men and women who get the opportunity to ring this bell?

Instead, Facebook pages for businesses are full of photos like this that miss the chance to increase the time a visitor stays on their page. I would post a few tasty tidbits and then link to the website for more.

Companies hire social media experts who can evaluate, produce wonderful spreadsheets, organize departments to coordinate product information, and post product info all day long. Look at any social media manager job description and you are worn out just thinking about how cumbersome it will be to manage all those responsibilities.

This is a very poor use of good social media talent. Good social media people can take your product and hurl it beyond the 4 corners reaching curios people who wouldn’t normally spend 5 minutes learning about your product. One rope manufacturer might have a whole website full of photos of their ropes. They hired a team of experts to photograph those professional shots. It’s a catalog that looks like a website.  If you know what rope you want then you purchase and move on.

If you want to be known for selling good ropes then you convince the potential customer that buying a rope from you is the smartest thing they ever did. The best social media manager in the world can do that. He just needs to know that a good rope has a story. The story continues the next day and there will be more to the story.

Come back tomorrow and there will be a link to another post about this rope. Several heroes  rang this bell. Aren’t you curious who they are?

4 comments on “Hire The Best Social Media Manager in the World

  1. So glad I found you! Someone once paid me the compliment of saying “If I was on a flight to Australia, I’d hope someone like you sat next to me.” I pass that sentiment along to very few people (we’re talking almost a whole day here!) but I humbly award it to you.

  2. You have great ideas. I like the way you approach the marketing of the ‘rope’. You hit the nail on the head with this statement, “worn out just thinking about how cumbersome it will be to manage all those responsibilities.” That is truly the problem for business owners. They lose opportunity and creativity being bogged down in the actual business of their product and overlook the power of social media for promotion. And why does promotion and marketing a product have to be boring? It doesn’t. Engaging the viewer is the key beyond the typical less than 5 second look at a website. Perception is a key too. Having the viewer see value and that there is no comparison, so why look elsewhere.

    • Thank you GWGT and I’m not surprised you agree. Both of us are in touch with real consumers who come to our blogs seeking information. I wish I had the resources given to some corporations cause I’d put it to good use. I’d make sure my radio, tv, and social media tugged at the heart of every American who wanted a rope. I do my best with a blog to promote gardening but imagine if we had big money behind us. You and I are fun and engaging. People are so hungry for human interaction.

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