I Sing Behind the Trowel

Singing Behind the Trowel will be the next book released by Flowergardengirl. It’s a fictional love story concentrating on the nurturing qualities of the young and beautiful Miss Hyacinth Wiles.

Hyacinth was born in the Appalachian Mountains and raised by a Wildcrafter ( fictionally based on a wildcrafter such as Ila Hatter) named Ada Hopper. Ada is a descendant of Pocahontas.

Tremendous research is done for accuracy and believability where needed. Respect of the folklore and ways of the Appalachian people is preserved and honored threaded throughout the story.

There are times of laughter and sorrow though you will most likely blush a time or two as Hyacinth speaks her mind openly and tenderly. Ada has raised her to be true to self and seek what Hyacinth truly yearns for passionately. Hyacinth’s been raised knowing the heartbeat of nature. She’s been raised on the harvest of the land. Hyacinth never expects to find a man who can match her passion in life because Ada had never been married.

The story tells of how Hyacinth comes to live with Ada. A story that takes you though the growing, canning, drying, and making of mountain medicine. Ada and Hyacinth are loved by the people and unknowingly hold an important secret that impacts the future of modern medicine.

How will the ways of old meet the inventions of today? The book audience is for 18 years and older. Due to the mature nature of ‘mountain talk’ and the rough edges of the two leading ladies, it should be read by adults only.

~~~ This story will absorb most of my time over the next year. It has been fun to write my blog, but I have a yearning burning desire to write this book. See you all next Autumn as the author of…….. I Sing Behind the Trowel………

6 comments on “I Sing Behind the Trowel

  1. That’s an amazing view. I never been to the Appalachian Mountains. My family makes a trip up to the North Georgia mountains every Winter and it’s always nice and very relaxing. I look forward to checking out your new book, Singing Below the Trowel!

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