A quilter and flower photographer merge

Flowergardengirl has started two fabric lines from her garden photography. The two premiere lines are The Lace Cap Collection and The Flea Market Gardening Collection. You can preview these two lines at

Anna’s online studio.  The above photo shows a 2 yard fabric piece.

This is considered a fat quarter: 21×18 inches. 

The fabric above was created from Anna’s lace cap hydrangeas growing in her gardens. Different variations of this plant will be added to the collection. Solids, checks, and other textures will be added also so you can mix and match for quliting or other sewing projects. The above fabric swatch was created from this photo below.

This is dainty fabric for sunrooms and girlie outdoor spaces. Add a bit of lace to the trim and it becomes Victorian.

The other collection will be Flea Market Gardening and will be designed from the photos submitted to our facebook page atFlea Market Gardening.

This is a photo submitted by Jenny Boyer Alexander

The Flea Market Gardening collection is a creation of fun fabrics for a  unique way to make napkins, tablecloths, outdoor curtains, basket liners, aprons, and tote bags from junque themed garden decor.

These items are not available yet as they are incomplete collections. Complementary fabrics will join these selections and enhance the project. You’ll be able to make borders and contrasting blocks for a professional look to your design.

Watch here or our facebook pages for announcements on availability.

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