Join the Grove at

There is a community for planting enthusiasts called The Grove. It’s similar to social media sites such as Facebook, in that you can create your own profile, join a group with other members from your state and post photos, events, discussions and comment! Check it out here:
One tool I found to be helpful is the Tree Match under the resources tab. You can choose your state, select a holiday or commemorative event, and the tool will identify which tree symbolizes that event. You can also search by tree and see what say, a dogwood or redbud symbolizes.
Another great part about The Grove is that certified arborists and staff members from the state and national forestry agencies are on the community and can answer your tree-related questions. You can also get updates on The Grove on Twitter (@PlantYourLegacy).
In The Grove Photos tab under Resources, you can find all the photos people have posted of their trees and plantings. My favorites are the pictures of flowering trees like this one: Possumhaw.
The site is funded by the Georgia Urban Forest Council (GUFC), the Georgia Forestry Commission (GFC) and the USDA Forest Service. Each state will have its own site by the end of 2011, but the North Carolina site, along with 23 other states, is already up and running! Check it out here:
So when you get a free minute, check it out. Who knows, you might get inspired to plant a tree yourself!

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