A Kitchen Garden guaranteed to make you smile

This kitchen garden is guaranteed to make you smile I promise. I had the most delightful evening making new friends and visiting some of the most beautiful kitchen gardens. I visited more than you can shake a fist at. Have you ever heard that saying? Well it’s a lot. They’ll all be featured in the March edition of Best Garden Blogs.com online magazine.( update–see our magazine on the sidebar—->. I am currently remaking several of the issues that were just recently taken offline when Apple stopped carrying iWeb and MobileMe. I am reformatting the issues and they will all appear in the sidebar. For now–you can see the new website we are building at A Garden Around The Corner.) 

This garden belongs to a sweet gal named Christel Colla who obviously has a true nuturing spirit and gifted hand at composing a kitchen garden. I’ve got plenty to show and tell about this magical assortment of fairyland touches and plantings that will knock your socks off.

I was so taken with this garden and aren’t you? I mean look at it! Well thought out and a work of genius. This is just one of many, many, many kitchen gardens I’ll be featuring on Best Garden Blogs.com online magazine.

I ask Christie if her garden has ever been featured in a magazine and she said no—so well I dropped my jaw. I told her that this is the reason I started the magazine. A garden like this needs a lot of bragging. Printed garden magazines are wonderful and I subscribe to a lot of them—but it’s costly and lots of folks in line to get paid. A garden like this would probably get lost in the business of making money.

I visit blogs every day with these sorts of gardens and it was sad to me that they never got noticed. People who put their heart and soul in to works of art such as above. It just broke my heart. Well I have a lot of technical know how and have just about wore this MacBook Pro to the bone—and along the way I learned how to build websites and making a magazine just seemed logical.

So go with me won’t you pretty please—go with me and tour gardens from around the world in digital regalia. I’m talking mega pixelated photos–links to where it’s happening—and seeing gardening media in a new light. I’m just about done with the February edition which is all about Spring. Each issue is at least 100 pages. A 100 pages in digital format is several pages of a printed version.

It’s taking loads of my time and I’m loving it.

See the themes for upcoming issues!

February’s issue is all about spring–with seeds, benches, potting benches, potting sheds, spring blooms, azaleas, valentines, mud boots, gloves,
March–potagers, kitchen gardens, greenhouses, vegetables,
April–Chickens–the whole magazine is devoted to chicken photos, beautiful coops, and those who raise them. This will be a huge issue.
May–is tentatively planned around bunnies–how to raise them but also how to keep them out of the garden. Also will be a section on summer arrangements.
June–Porches and outdoor areas, botanical artist and their tools
July–peak of the season garden photos–big wow gardens–theme gardens
August–Succulents and drought tolerant—water systems–navigation systems–no lawn front yards, front yard vegetable gardens
Sept–herbs, medicinal plants–cooking segments–jellies, the view to your garden, rocking chair photos, favorite trees,
Oct–harvest, white gardens, unusual pumpkins being grown, gourds, sunflowers, basket arrangements, family get togethers with a pretty picnic table settings
November—giving thanks, fireplaces, home-made potpourri, home grown cold remedies, mittens, heavy sweaters, chimney photos–what is growing up your chimney
December–holidays, unique gift wrap nature themed, birdiing, feeding birds, bird photos, snow photos of the garden, sled photos and stories
Jan—new garden tools, watering cans, hoses, spigots, trellises, garden preparation and fertilizers, pruning, Garden journals-pics of your gardens.

Go sign up!

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17 comments on “A Kitchen Garden guaranteed to make you smile

  1. When I first saw your pics of Kitchen Garden, I just knew! Charming, relaxing, and managable.
    It is so my gotta have garden. I’m so glad I found you. You manage to put my imagination together so that I can see what I want in so many ways. Thank you . T

  2. Anna, What an amazing garden. I love the photo from above where you can really appreciate the design. It’s great to see how such simple inputs – some wood, gravel and soil can result in a such pleasing garden.

  3. I came back to look at this one again today. I love it. I am going to put a fence around my garden this Spring, and have decided to add an entrance and a canopy and some places to sit and hang things, based solely on this wonderful little place. Thank you, FGG!

    • Karen, that thrills me to pieces. It is so inspiring and you’ll love the March issue of BGB as it is chock full of these ideas. Benches are a must–so we can ponder the beauty and my back gets tired bending over for such long times. I want to do the canopy too cause that just makes me smile. Love ya lots!

  4. Anna, I hope you are enjoying your day off. ;)

    What an absolutely wonderful garden: lots of thought and preparation went into it and she should be proud. Love it.

  5. I saw her pictures and wanted hit like, but there wasn’t a like for me to hit. I love the design of her raised beds and showed them to my husband. You are right, so many beautiful gardens out there that never get featured, glad we’ll be getting to see some of them.
    Love all the upcoming ideas. If you ever do one on garden ponds I’d love that too :)

    • Carolyn, I’m tired today and taking a break to be with my best friend. She doesn’t garden isn’t that funny? But she is a huge support and keeps me from working myself to death.

      This is such a pretty garden. It has a lot of form and charm.

  6. Anna this is one of the most unique country/cottage style veg gardens I have ever seen…can’t wait to see it in the magazine…the amount of work she put into it is amazing but easier to maintain for sure..wow

    • Donna, that’s what I noticed right off–so much work. And to think it’s never been featured in a magazine. Tons of precious gardens have not been featured. Makes me sad but I’m gonna fix that. I’m glad you are excited and included.

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