‘Firethorn’ pyracantha revisited cause I want one

‘Firethorn’ pyracantha revisited cause I want one! I’ve posted this before and sulked about having to leave it behind when I moved. Took me a long time to train this . I hope to get another one this spring.

So much winter interest and all the little birds would come to eat the berries.

My grand dog ate some berries once and I called poison control in a real panic. They laughed and said she would get real happy in a minute. She did act goofy for awhile cause of the fermented fruit. Then she slept a long time.

Winter is perhaps its finest moment and especially with a backdrop of snow.

Do you have a ‘Firethorn’ pyracantha.


23 comments on “‘Firethorn’ pyracantha revisited cause I want one

  1. Hi Anna,
    I enjoyed your lovely photos of pyracantha. Seems like this is a plant that is frequently overlooked (maybe due to the spines!)… I planted a beauty at my brother’s house in eastern WA state, which is “irrigated desert.” The pyracantha loved all the reflected heat off their brick wall. There had been some damage to the brick so this plant did a great job hiding it, and providing good forage for birds.


  2. Such lovely red berries framing your front door, too bad you have to leave it behind. Hope your new home will get an equally beautiful plant. Isn’t it a bit dangerous for kids too just in case they love the red berries too much and pop them in their mouths?


  3. I had a pyracantha once, but it was just a bit too marginal for where I put it, and it only lasted two years. I might try another one in a more sheltered spot. And for sure you should have another one. (I’m a great enabler…)


  4. I do have one! And I love it, as do the birds. It was loaded with berries until just a week or so ago and now there’s not a single one left. I did get some nice pictures in the snow we had after Christmas, though.


  5. Hi Anna! I may be at the wrong place, if I am, please ignore this, but if you know Sharon Lovejoy, I think she was telling me that you are looking for me? Hope so! Otherwise this will make no sense to you! Beautiful photos by the way, forgot what actual landscaping looks like, ours is all white and brown with occasional flashes of cardinal red!
    Anyway, now you know how to find me if this is you! All my best, Susan


    • Hi Susan—wow and double wow! Nice to have you drop by. I sent you an email to explain this whole Best Garden Blogs process. I can’t wait for us to talk. Thank you about my landscaping. I’m in my new home now and I really miss this little Cape Cod and all the stone that was there.


  6. I usually detest pyracantha because folks around here favor the gaudy orange one, usually trained against a wall, and they look very 70s and ugly to me. Yours was quite nice, though. I’ve never seen one trained against a porch before!


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