Seed Storing Cabinet elegant and unique

Looking for furniture pieces that can be used in a gardener’s cottage is at the top of my list. This seed storing cabinet is elegant and unique. Helping gardeners design a functional yet elegant planting and storing area has become quite popular. Coming across this piece was magical. Can you see the possibilities?

June Deluga tells me this reproduction piece can be ordered in several color finishes. The one pictured here is in a creamy vanilla white. I’ve chosen to display it in black and white so you can see the potential and details more clearly.

For instance:

Each drawer could be labeled as needed. A drawer for herbs.

And flowers like the Bachelor Buttons Black Magic

Label a drawer for your favorite seeds,










Add unique brackets to the side of the cabinet and create shelves…..

make them ornate and

add pretty things

to your shelves…





like a pretty watering can










gloves stored for another day…










and no gardener’s seed cabinet would be complete without planters, pots, and
I’m sure you can find ways to





to explore

and appreciate this

Seed Storing Cabinet

found exclusively at

June Delugas Interiors, Inc




8 comments on “Seed Storing Cabinet elegant and unique

  1. I love the moody look of this post, and that piece of furniture is a must-have! I store seeds in a hanging organizer that’s meant for beads, but I’m really on the lookout for an antique printer’s tray, or maybe a librarian’s antique card catalog. In the meantime, there are tons of neat systems you can find at the craft supply store in the scrapbooking section… I’ll have to take a look!


  2. I love your new blog. I wasn’t able to open the old ones for a long time for some reason. I was so happy to see this pop up on my screen this morning. Love the cabinet, too. It’s a beauty. Merry Christmas wishes to you, dear FGG.


  3. Anna, that’s a perfectly beautiful cabinet! I love the drawers. You have such creative insight, to think of adding the decorative brackets & shelves. Love, love, love it!


  4. Anna I would like one of EVERYTHING here please?
    It would just be too perfect for me in reality .. I would go crazy with worry about getting it dirty .. so it would have to be a very worn finish making it look well used and ready to be well used again by “Me” ? wink wink
    I love the images on those seed packets .. little works of art in themselves !
    This all would be my dream garden things .. ah ! if only ? LOL
    Joy : )


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