Oh Wow, time to order narrow leaf zinnia!

Don’t stop me! I won’t let you. Not after seeing how well these narrow leaf zinnias did last year in my zone 7 NC garden.

I just fertilized and watched them bloom from May till frost. Here they are in October. No pest and no disease.

I’ve pulled most of the things out of my garden but these just kept on blooming. With a track record like that—I’d be nuts not to order them.

They are the happiest things I’ve ever seen. Easy to grow. Just plant them in a pot 6 weeks before frost and you are in business.

Are you convinced yet?

Some people think it is coreopsis–but see the difference? No? I don’t either–but there is. Above is coreopsis ‘Mango Punch’ I think. I have so many it’s hard for me to remember.

I’ve ordered seeds from several places. Everyone has a variety so you’ll just have to check them out from your favorite seed source. Zinnias can be found everywhere. I’m going to grow some in containers this year too.

15 comments on “Oh Wow, time to order narrow leaf zinnia!

  1. Hi Anna,

    I am totally in love with this kind of Narrow leaf zinnia. I planted it 2 years ago by accident because the seed company mixed with the regular zinnia. But that is a beautiful mistake because I really love them. However, I couldn’t find them since then. I wonder if you could tell me where to buy these seeds. I really would like some to be in my yard. Thank you very much.



  2. hi guys

    can anyone help me regarding taking photos of flowers/arrangements/ Im a compleate novice so dont know what the best equipment to use. i need clear,detailed close ups for my web page so the camera needs to be able to hook up to my computer.
    Your photos are wonderfully clear and detailed…. well done!
    thanks for any help
    much love


  3. These are lovely Anna, but most of the seed we get here are for the large, double flowered Zinnias. I will look out for these.

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)


  4. I always love those shots of your front garden. I find it very soothing! ‘Course, it’s a lot of hard work digging around in that dirt for you to soothe me, so thank you very much.


  5. Absolutely adore these sweet flowers and must get them again~I find it necessary to order them on-line because local nurseries don’t carry any newer varieties. gail


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