Pink Chablis Lamium

100_6901From my garden today, Pink Chablis

Pink Chablis®
Lamium maculatum
Dead Nettle

100_6902I planted this in the Autumn of 2008.

100_6903This is what they look like today.


It’s way over there on the left corner of my front porch. April 1st was the day we moved to the new house in 2008.


Lord help—here’s the seeds.




Yes, that is a bit nutty but what if only a few germinated? I have thinned quite a few already but these popped up today. Now comes the dodge a storm season. Much of the South is experiencing tornadoes today and they are headed my way. This is an every year type thing.

We have a storm cellar for that purpose. But will the seeds survive. 90% of the time, NC is a great place to live but when the storms roll in for Spring—it’s just hectic. Especially when you build something so—on the verge of falling down already.

And if the storms don’t get these plants—then


Bambi will come looking. I have a bunch of garlic started. I’m going to plant it among and around the plants. It’s suppose to keep the deer and chipmunks from eating the plants. We’ll see.

19 comments on “Pink Chablis Lamium

  1. I have a wild lamium which I’ve just been admiring. Thank you for legitimizing my admiration, so I’m not admiring another weed. (Well, I do admire weeds, I’ll just have to get used to the chagrin.) Love your little greenhouse! I’m envious.


  2. Oh, Anna, I’m soooooo sorry that you didn’t get any seeds planted. Whatever are you going to do with yourself?
    :-) :-) :-)

    As for the lamium; its lovely, but I gotta wonder how many pink flowered lamiums we gotta have before the breeders get the message: Been there, bred that, everyone’s planted it, let’s work on an orange or blue or really purple flowered one?


  3. Dear Anna,

    I am so sorry but I am laughing so hard! I haven’t started my seeds yet but I can see myself doing the same thing! Girlfriend, you are going to have so many seedlings! I can’t wait to see them!!!!! Mom and I were talking recently about my Grandfather making hot houses out of windows way up north in Minnesota….you are such a precious woman, I can’t wait to share this with Mom :)

    I have missed my visits, I love catching up with you!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Kathi :)


  4. Oooh, lotsa seedlings! Your greenhouse is doing its job, for sure. Your lamium is in such neat mounds! Mine sprawled all over so I yanked it out. I’m afriad it may be gone forever.


  5. I would love to have all the windows we gave away when I realized Mr I wasn’t going to learn how to be a carpenter and build a greenhouse with them! he has many other wonderful qualities. Anna, an impressive amount of seeds…you will be busy! gail


  6. Wow, you did start a ‘few’ seeds. Your gonna be busy planting.

    I like the lamium. I’ve tried White Nancy and Silver Beacon but I’ve never seen that one.


  7. Sounds scary to have tornado warning)-: Stay safe!
    I have some laminum not sure what kind it is though. It does have a pink flower(-:
    Hope your seeds all sprout. They look like they are doing pretty good!!


  8. Love Bambi’s hoof print. Get out the deer repellent! You are going to be spending long hours planting once those seedlings get large enough. What hard work! Your window ‘greenhouse’ is really neat idea. My deadnettle spreads, but I help it along by separating it and planting it wherever I feel like it. So far, it thrives no matter where I put it!


  9. Don’t you just love Dead Nettle? I sure do especially when they start spreading.
    and my oh my that’s a lot of seeds! good luck with that.


  10. The lamium is very pretty. Does it spread pretty fast there? I like how it brightens up a shady area. I hope your window garden holds up to the weather. I can’t believe how many seeds you have! You’ll be busy doing lots of planting!


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