Blossoms in Pink


The cherry trees are blooming and light conditions were perfect for capturing their beauty. The blossoms are delicate and paper-like. The pinks are veined with darker patches running throughout the petal.

I’m really busy planting and preparing. If I disappear a bit, you’ll know I’m probably in the garden.






I love the grey-blue sky in the background of the above photo. This is a Yoshino cherry. I do not know the first one other than a weeping Japanese cherry.


This Yoshino is growing in my yard. The photo below is a Thundercloud plum also in my yard.


I’ll have a lot of pink ;). I just purchased a Kwanzan that was delivered today along with some other goodies I’ll tell you about in another post. Most cherries provide a bit of fall color. The Kwanzan has deep orange leaves in the Autumn and will grow to about 30 feet tall and wide. It grows in zones 5-9, full sun, medium grower

Yoshino is zones 5-8, medium grower, full sun, 40ish tall-40ish wide

9 comments on “Blossoms in Pink

  1. I agree with Janet, that first shot is very nice. The Yoshino’s are blooming everywhere up here right now, but after today’s wind I think they will be less flowery by tomorrow.


  2. Beautiful Cherry blossoms, love the photography you must have a great camera
    and skills to go with it. I really enjoy reading your posts.


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