12 comments on “Playing with Watermarks

  1. Anna, are you still active on this site? I just stumbled on your site and I have some questions for you regarding my own flower garden in Aurora, Colorado. Will you email me back and let me know if I can pick your brain?


    • Becca..I’m sorry….I’ve been real sick and can only answer short questions but I’ll try. I have shingles in the nerves of my face. I’m been sick for almost 5 months and just getting back to writing some. I have a two year recovery period and don’t check the blog every day…but I will be around and yes I still am active here. I’ll never give this up.


  2. Anna, love your imagery of the thieves in the dark basement. Beedy eyes and all, oh and what’s that smell?

    I wanted to let you know that your watermarks are inspiring me, and I was playing around with a text overlay on my photos. It is fun, and thank you for writing this post, and sparking my creativity.
    I do see that you like to create and love visiting your blog because of that. You have a lot of class.

    Yes! about the smell….and their clothes need repairing—they need a haircut……their shoes have no laces….on and on.



  3. It looks great, Anna. (Jen’s right though. Unfortunately, anyone who wanted to use your photos badly enough can remove the watermarks in PhotoShop fairly easily.) It’s a great idea, however, and it sure can’t hurt!
    I knew that but I’m not going to make it easy for them. At least today anyway.


  4. All of your photos look stunning, I love them.

    I was worried about plagiarism also, but then I read that watermarks are so easy to remove, so I did not bother with them.

    I love that you put the flower name on the photo, it adds a nice touch.

    It’s about as good as locks on a door. Most people who plagiarize are in a hurry. They don’t want to photoshop everything out of the picture. I imagine the thieves in a dark basement hooked up to a caffeine drip. They have beady eyes and need a bath. They smell of cheap liquor and live life in the fast lane. They live paycheck to paycheck eking out a living on one blog stands.


  5. I echo Robin, what are you using? You’ve done a nice job.
    I’m using a set of coloring pens and a sketch pad. I’m gifted. Naw……it’s powerpoint in MacBook Pro. Easy Cheesy.


  6. Did you create this with your new Mac program? I love it!
    God made the flower, I took the picture, and with the help of powerpoint—the watermark was inserted. Forgive me for the first part as I couldn’t help myself. This computer will bathe and dress you if you program it that way.


  7. My husband (the self professed computer nerd) answered “Google it.” when I asked him, “how do you do water marks?” A lot of help he is! I’m like Jodi, looking for my round tuit. So I’ll Google it. Maybe this is something everyone already knows how to do and I’m the ignoramus. I don’t know what Twitter is either. LOL —

    Anyway, your water marks and the dianthus look great.
    Every computer is different too. It took me awhile to get use to my Mac. I was use to pressing buttons and most of this is using the command feature plus something else. Once you start thinking like the Mac—there is not going back.


  8. I know, I’ve been planning to do the same thing, but just haven’t gotten “a round tuit” yet. Looks good and keeps others from plagiarizing (whatever the photo equivalent is) your photography. Not that most could do much with low resolution, small files like are normally published on the web, of course, except to use them on other websites.


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