My Thanksgiving Dishes


These are my brown transferware Thanksgiving dishes passed down to me from my mother. She collected them in the early 1950’s. They are from Salem College in Winston Salem, NC. The dishes are made by Wedgewood and I’ve never known anyone else who collects them. Each of the plates has a different scene from the campus of this college. I would love to have more but fear they are out of my price range.

They are displayed in my china hutch until Thanksgiving when I pull them out and decorate the table. I have collected various patterns of white dishes to go with them.



When my kids left to go home after a great weekend celebrating Mr. Delicious birthday, I rearranged the living room. The sofa faces the fireplace and what will be the Christmas tree to the left.

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It is so cozy when the fire is crackling.

I happened to look out my front door at about 4pm today. My front yard is a carpet of leaves. The peak was last week and now the raking begins. The permit on the tree below is for my shed we are building out back.

Thay all have to be raked! There is new grass under those leaves.

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15 comments on “My Thanksgiving Dishes

  1. What a lovely and inviting home!

    I feel like sitting in front of the fireplace
    and have a chat with you.

    I’m sitting in front of it right now and since the guys are watching the NC State game….it would be a perfect time for us to chit chat.

  2. Oh Anna, I can feel the warmth of your home through my computer, do you know that? I collect blue and white transfer ware, some is old some is new. I have seen the brown, Martha Stewart has her own line but yours is from your Mother, how precious is that! I love every color there is. Do you continue to look for matching pieces, it is probably harder to find brown, I rarely see it but I do love it’s beauty, pink is also another favorite, oh heavens, I even love the black, who am I trying to kid :).
    I wouldn’t turn one down either. They are so much the whole 50’s era. I didn’t know Martha had some. I’ll have to check that out. She might be affordable.

  3. Anna, it all looks so inviting. I want to come and stay and have some sweet tea before the fireplace.~~Dee
    Well come on then. Bring plants to share! I don’t have enough and you got lots I want. Gosh Dee–you have the best post on what plants are going to be the better performers for next year. I just love hanging around your blog like maybe I’ll be cool too. Thanks for the hard work and letting us in on the know.

  4. Hi Anna,
    Your home is so attractive and welcoming. I love your Thanksgiving dinnerware. I like the way you have combined with the white. I am espeicially fond of and collect individual serving pieces like butter dishes, salt cellars, etc. Most recently I added some turkey shaped plates suitable for a bread plate.
    Maybe this week, the Thanksgiving stuff will go on sale and I’ll get a bargain. I have the two little turkey salt and pepper shakers but more would be better. I want a big solid Turkey platter. I might go to the dollar store today as they sometimes have some cute stuff. To me and it sounds like you too—the food taste better when it’s served with love.

  5. Can’t wait to visit your beautiful home one day. Nice china!
    I got to get the Teddy Bears off you bed first. My whole collection is in your bedroom. No room for you. We can’t have that. I guess I built that extra bedroom thinking one day that Shirley Bovshow would sleep there. Really and truly.

  6. What a nice place to come home to! I love those dishes. It must be painful to put them away after Turkey Day. I have a gravy boat in the shape of a turkey that I only use once a year. And sometimes, even then, I forget. It’s always fun to see what other people collect. Never know what you might come across at garage sales and flea markets.
    Be on the look out for these..would ya?! I can afford a dollar or two. I would use them more often but I want them to be special and kept for the best of occasions. It’s lots more fun that way. When I left home at 16 with the clothes on my back and a small suitcase full of clean undies, I never expected to arrive here–with this home–and my Mr. Delicious. I guess I post so many pictures of it cause I can’t believe I have it either.

  7. Hi Anna, Your brown transferware dishes are so pretty. And your house, inside and out, looks beautiful, as always. I love the paint colors in your rooms.

    Have fun raking the leaves!

    I have tried to find more of those dishes. I would really love to have some serving dishes and trays. Really, any brown transferware. It matches all the browns in this house. You and I like the same house so it goes to show we would like the same color. I was just as drawn to the name of the paint, Tobacco Road, Plantation Beige, and Svelte Sage. They just sound southern don’t they?

  8. Anna ~ You have such a lovely home and you can feel your love for it through your descriptions. Your china is beautiful, what a wonderful remembrance of your Mother.
    I like how you said that—love through my descriptions—what a nice way to put it. I do love being home. I need to get off the computer and get busy on some quilts and napkins I’m making. The napkins are for Thanksgiving. I want to make some for my daughter-in-law too.

  9. I love that china–and what a wonderful story to go with it!

    Your home looks so warm and welcoming. :-)
    Thank you Susan and pretty soon, you’ll see food in them-yummy! I fix the best sweet potato casserole. I’ve been over to your blog today and will be back. I’m glad you are home safely. Your post about driving out west looks interesting. Reading your blog is like reading short stories. Very entertaining.

  10. Your Thanksgiving dishes are very nice Anna. Those handed-down things are so special. My mom has my great grandma’s china, and one day I’ll be able to hand them down to my oldest daughter. Your new home looks so warm and cozy.
    My most treasured hand me down are the cook books from my great aunt. They are entertaining cause we don’t have half the ingredients anymore. Things like cotton seed oil! It’s bitter. Thank you for visiting and I do hope things are going well for you at the garden shop. That is troubling about the economy and retail.

  11. Hello Anna, you have the most charming home, very warm and cozy and your garden looks great. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here as you do. I wish you a great Thanksgivving and it looks like you are ready for the family to be gathered. LOL Tyra
    Thank you so much. Wait till you see what is in store and now you can be one who celebrates the building of my new shed with me! I’ve only been planning it for 3 years. It got half way up at my former home and then we decided to build a new house. So my Mr. Delicious-husband–took it apart for me and is reassembling it as we speak. I’m over the top excited about it! Thank you too for the Happy Thanksgiving. My family is easy to cook for–so it’s a cinch.

  12. I love that brown china Anna – never seen it before. Your home looks so settled and beautiful after so short a time. Have a lovely Autumn.
    I don’t think you’ve been here since I finished the house?? It is so comfy. And real easy to clean except for these crazy toilets. I thought they looked better cause they are low–and real water savers. They flush fast with only a gallon of water. But…you have to clean them more often even if they haven’t been used. They grow algae. Now if I could just harvest that for my car fuel. Algae is being used by some folks as an alternative fuel souce. Growing it in the toilet would just be a hoot wouldn’t it?

  13. Your warm home looks so festive! What a treasure, Anna. I inherited flow blue china that once belonged to my grandparents, one of my most treasured possessions. Enjoy this lovely month!
    My old kitchen use to be blue and I miss it. I have a good blend of inherited and new. I like to mix match them all. That way–you can do just about anything you want. I’ve got several mixed Christmas patterns and am thinking of putting them all out this year. I hope you use your china or at least have a place you can see it often.

  14. Dear Anna,

    You have created a wonderful home…and garden! I can see you and your handsome men sitting around the dinner table and then the fire…celebrating your love for one another! Have a good week! Gail
    Thank you! I had a very busy but great weekend. Now would be a good time to plant one of those maple trees like you posted recently. I really want a bloodgood in the front yard. I have the perfect filtered light for a Japanese maple. I know bloodgood can take more sun–but our sun has been too brutal. I’m hoping that heat trend is over for awhile.

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