Flowergardengirl is starting over with new gardens in spring 2016


Flowergardengirl is starting over with brand new gardens in spring 2016. I’ll be moving in just two short months. We should move the end of November or the first of December. We are downsizing and adding a pretty pergola off the back of our townhome. I will continue to write garden articles and visit places to write about. I’m so glad to be feeling better after 3 long years of barely feeling like getting out of bed.

If you are just catching up, I came down with a rare form of shingles called Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. For me, it was almost life threatening. Everything in my life came to a stop. Normal shingles stays in your spine and branches out at mid section of your body. RHS goes to the nerves of the face through your trigeminal nerve. All the nerves on the right side of my face were eaten by the virus. I was in lots of pain with sores in my mouth and deep in my ear. I was paralyzed for a long time.

Hey but I’m so much better today and very little pain. My husband is retired full time and we’ve decided to get rid of this big old house and move to a fun place with walking trails and access to things we do. We are going to travel more and that means I’ll be writing lots more in 2016. I have missed it. The folks who buy and read my stories have missed me. Feels good to be missed.

I will still garden but do so more cleverly. You will see what I do with our pergola…with swings…and a nice sitting area. I will be showing more of how you can really live in your backyard as an extension of the home. People aren’t buying real big houses much anymore. And this baby boomer age is downsizing like crazy.

There will be a small backyard with garden space. I will have a lot of containers with mixed vegetable and flower teams. Yes teams of flowers that compliment each other and help fight insects together.

I have gone back to planting flowers and seasonal plantings for some businesses. I have taken just a few customers back under my wing. Photos will follow as the plantings come in.

Stay tuned for some cool photography.

I will see you soon to show you the progress on our new place. It’s got a farmhouse kitchen! I love to cook and will share more recipes and personal videos or podcasts.

You won’t be bored this year at my blog. You’ll have fun.

Halloween container arrangement


Something very bad happened to me today. The folks who run the Facebook page Flea Market Gardening and the website fleamarketgardening.org…stole this photo from me to use to promote their page and site. It was liked over 1,000 times and shared more than 900. The problem is that they used their name on the photo and did not attribute the work to me. When I sell my work to magazines something like this used in this matter goes for about $500. I will be sending them a bill for the 900 times they allowed my photo to be shared. They make money off my photo and it sends customers to their website. My photo is protected by The Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Once you take the photo you are protected by this act. You do not have to physically record it with the copyright office. I can charge for the services and account for how many times it was used. In this case we know it was 900 plus the 1,000 likes.

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Goodness, she just flew off course and landed head first in the container. Poor thing. Bless her heart.

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Can you imagine when this hydrangea blooms?

Limelight hydrangea blooms

This is my crazy Limelight hydrangea and can you imagine what this is going to look like when it blooms? I’ll keep you posted over the next couple of days because it is just about ready to take off. I feed it Espoma Holly Tone in the early spring. I did cut it back each year for the first couple of years. I planted this from a small 5″ pot in 2008. We have been in a bad drought too with very hot days. It just laughs at the heat and lack of water.

Sorry you haven’t heard from me

IMG_1159Sorry you haven’t heard from me, my sickness has lasted longer than expected. These are my flowers this year and of course much less planted than in years past. It’s been 3 years since I last gardened on a larger scale. I really miss it. I am getting better but it’s baby steps.

Lots has happened this year. We might be moving. My husband lost his job and we don’t know if we will go ahead and retire or take another job which would require us moving. I love my home that I built in 2008 but sometimes God has other plans. My husband and I really have been through lots of ups and downs in life so we look to God for our strength. We don’t panic over these bumps in life. We wait on the Lord for guidance.

If I move, I won’t get another big garden like this. I’d like to garden on a smaller and more manageable scale. It’s really nice to think about planting some of my favorites and not worrying about weeding all day. If we stay here, these gardens will be reduced by adding more shrubbery.

If you know me, adding more shrubbery means getting some hardy hydrangeas. One that has done well for me is the Limelight. The one on the left front corner of my front porch is about to go wild with blooms. It really took off this year and went nuts. Once it blooms, I’ll show it to you.

Nice to be talking to you all again. Please know that I’ve missed you. Hugs to you all!