The Immigrant is coming, how do we plan?


I have a challenge for the Republican Party concerning the immigrants. I hope to make this viral. I will need the help of churches, volunteers, and those Republicans who are willing to take America down a positive road.

Most likely at this point, the legalized immigrants will trickle to the welfare programs set up by Democrats. What I’d like to see done is train them in hygiene, English, and other moral issues.

Get them on the road to prosperity. Make them confident so they enroll in our community colleges and go for the high tech jobs so badly needed.

This will wake up those on welfare and encourage them to better themselves. Why is this different from what already exist? Because the new immigrants are hungry for what America offers. They will need basic healthcare when they arrive so we need to offer them immunization and other common sense hygiene practices. We need to feed them with the voice of real America.

We teach them a skill so they can feel good about themselves. Most people really don’t feel good about themselves while on welfare but they are in a rut. When they see the immigrants realizing a dream….then they too will get motivated. Prosperity is infectious.

We have to change the way Republicans deal with underachievers and the poor. We have to be proactive. The Republican way will be to actively involve the immigrant or anyone else who wants to get with the program. Build centers across America that welcome Immigrants to participate in the road to victory and not a road to dependence. We want to say…you can do this and not…the Government will help you.

The Democrat way is to give give give from the Government’s pocket. The Republican way is by volunteers in giving of time and out of their pockets. Let’s stop depending on the Government to solve these issues.

The bible says the poor will always be among us. It also says to leave a little in the fields so the poor can gather for themselves. It does not say they should be cared for by the government.

My challenge is to get this idea accepted and then implemented. How do we do this…by first sharing this post…and then by laying out the plan. Are you with me? Can we take over the immigrant situation? If we don’t, you are throwing away a vote for the Republicans. They will fall in to the Democrat trap of keeping them dependent on the government and thus putting them in a vicious cycle of self depravation.

It’s going to be a dangerous thing to let the immigrants fall to the impoverished because that just turns to a life of drugs and violence. Idle hands are the devil’s work.

The time to prepare is now before they get devoured by the government. We need to challenge our churches to stand up and lead. We need to challenge the American way and lead. We need to be proactive and not lay ignorant as this way of life takes over. Make the immigrant part of the solution.

Look for more by Anna Looper in the coming weeks. We will start forming an alliance for a solution.


Since publishing this article, I received an angry email from someone who happened on my blog. Read her email and then I will follow with my response.

From Karen:

I saw your link on a gardening website and thought I’d learn something about flowers. I can honestly say I was aghast when I read your opening page perspective on “the immigrants”. I’m not sure I’ve ever read anything so condescending and racist. “Trickle to the welfare line”? “Teach them hygiene”?

What an absolutely ignorant stance. Where did your ancestors come from? Are you a First Nations person? If not, then you come from immigrants yourself, like all of us.

It always makes me sad to read views like yours, and so glad I have no one around me to spread such divisive messages. Shame on you.

My response:

Dear Karen,

Ok, noted. Let me see if I can answer some of your questions and add more.

I am a 9th generation NCer with family who fled religious persecution in other lands. My family mostly came down through The Great Swamp of the North except for family who were natives here. I am a descendant of the Mayflower also. My family is very famous. My family helped to start colleges and were preachers in some of the first christian churches. None of them got help from the government.

Out of my family came people who labored hard for their chance in this new land. It wasn’t always America when some of my people were here.

Out of my family came boat builders who moved goods and people down the rivers but they never received government money.

Out of my family came native Americans who never received anything good of the government except more poverty and less land.

Out of my family came soldiers from every generation since America began and all support your right to have your opinion. We have a wall of people who died during those wars. My husband and I are both veterans. I helped pave the way for women in my mechanical career field.

I am a grand daughter of James Smith a signer of the Declaration of Independence who was a friend of Benjamin Franklin.

My family’s history is much documented and we all feel that America’s government was never meant to grow this big.

Those men who signed the Declaration of Independence did so because of suppression and taxation without representation which is what is happening today. You would have been an outcast when this country first started because you would have stood with the English. You would have been for big government.

Our government is too big and I agree with our founding fathers. I see who and by which way you agree.

You know very little about me.



She’s is offended that I used hygiene and trickle down to welfare. Hygiene if you look it up means to help prevent disease and maintain health mainly by cleanliness. I think it says mostly but mostly doesn’t cover it all does it? Immigrants don’t know that in this country you need certain inoculations against certain disease…washing properly just won’t do it. And what is proper washing? What does protect you from Ebola…do they know that? I’m assuming they don’t because I truly want to help them. So Karen… assume too much. These folks will get rejected and they do have other options other than welfare….everyone does.

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coneflowers summer 2012 digital photography by

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